Silver Anniversary, Gold Standard: Mikdash Melech Jerusalem Celebrates 25 years of Excellence

The year 1989 saw a watershed moment in the history of the Syrian Jewish community: Yeshivat Mikdash Melech Jerusalem (MMJ) opened its doors for the first time, inviting Sephardic students from around the globe to experience the unparalleled joy of advanced Torah study in the holy city of Jerusalem, and sending them along a path of religious commitment and communal responsibility. 

Now, 25 years later, as our community celebrates the institution’s ...(more)..


Births – Baby Boy

Rabbi Yaakov & Esther Hafif

Rabbi Richard & Kadie Hazan

Hymie & Esther Mishan - twins boy & girl

Rabbi Binyamin & Rena Seruya

Rabbi David & Leora Rabi

Rabbi Yossi & Janet Saada

Michael & Etti Menahem

Rabbi Ellie & Rivka Semah


Births –Baby Girl

Rabbi Ikey & Illean Safdie

Elliot & Beth Warren

Hymie & Esther Mishan – twins boy & girl

Joseph & Rachel Rudy

Rabbi Mordechai & Chana Sardar


Bar Missvas

Mitchell, son of Rabbi Norman & Adele Cohen

Moshe, son of Rabbi David & Becky Massry

Maurice, son of Raymond & Jeanie Kassin

Nathan, son of David & Julie Botton

Eli, son of Avraham & Devorah Aboud

Ezra, son of Jimmy & Cheri Tawil

Shlomo, son of Yecheskel & Chava Menache

Abie, son of Sonny & Debbie Safdieh

Avraham, son of Jason & Silvia mizrahi



Elliot Beyda to Michelle Faham

Steven Benattar to Alice Tawil

Leor Baron to Susan Sutton

Steven Oran to Julie Cohen

Chaim Tawachi to Rivka Shoub

Yosef Yaakov Rachimi to Tehilla Mizrachi

Abie Mugrabi to Sarah Ashkenazie

Mosie Abady to Gaby Hanan

Shimmy Samouha to Brooke Assa

Yitzhak Cohen to Rachel Cohen



Edgar Hazan to Yehudit Sultan

David Cohen to Fortune Kishik

Ralph Grazi to Annie Shamula

David Faena to Rena Kubie

Elliot Haber to Claudine Chehova

Abraham Abady to Millie Marcus

Shaul Sultan to Mazal Haddad

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