November 2001 – Issue #1 of COMMUNITY Magazine hits the streets and amid much excitement, the initial run of 15,000 copies is depleted in a matter of days.

May 2002 – Several investigative reports and continuous coverage by COMMUNITY Magazine help defeat a bid by a 7-11 to build next door to a shul on a residential block in Midwood, Brooklyn.

July 2002 – COMMUNITY Magazine increases circulation by 20% and in the process, becomes the most widely circulated Sephardic monthly in the world.

September 2002 – Subscriptions are sponsored for every family in the community as COMMUNITY Magazine begins its mailed distribution with, by far, the largest subscriber base in the community.

November 2002 – COMMUNITY Magazine becomes the community’s first full gloss, full bleed magazine.

February 2003 – COMMUNITY Magazine increases circulation by 11% extending its dominance as the most widely read and circulated community publication.

July 2003 – Rabbi Eli Mansour’s provocative cover story “Modesty Misunderstood” elicits and unprecedented number of reprint requests from as far away as Australia.

September 2003 – COMMUNITY increases circulation yet again by 10% in response to subscription requests from all over the world and rising demand from the Ashkanazic community.

December 2003 – COMMUNITY Magazine provides exclusive first hand coverage of the Istanbul terror attacks.

May 2004 – Cover story titled “Bubble Jeopardy,” seen by some as alarmist at the time, correctly predicts the impending housing crisis of 2006.

October 2004 – Most of the cost for the Bnai Yosef Torah Center construction expansion is sponsored by COMMUNITY Magazine.

July 2005 – COMMUNITY Magazine publishes a special commemorative issue honoring the memory of Hacham Baruch Ben-Haim k”mz, with a 32 page color insert that quickly becomes a collector’s edition.

November 2005 – COMMUNITY holds an anniversary dinner at Park East Grill with a special appearance by Rabbi Eli Mansour.

January 2006 – Cover story titled “Cell Phone High” prompted several community schools to reevaluate their cell phone policies and enforcement activities.

September 2006 – The 50th Anniversary Issue of COMMUNITY marks the beginning of the magazine’s sixth year of publication.

May 2007 – Cover story “Your Personal War on Terror” generates a record number of reprint requests from publications around the country.

March 2008 – Cover story “7 Ways to Save $1,000 a Year” preempts global recession by several months.

October 2008 – Cover story “Obama vs. Osama” generates a firestorm of controversy and debate within the community over the future president’s stance on foreign policy.

August 2009 – Community launches newly designed website.

March 2010 – Following a cover story encouraging readers to vote, the community recorded a record voter turnout in a special election, and a landslide victory for Councilman David Greenfield.

October 2010 – A cover story unveiling the work of the Sephardic Heritage Museum, provided the publicity for an event at Lincoln Center which was billed as the largest ever gathering of the Sephardic community.

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