Black & White and Color ad submissions (in order of preference):

  1. PDF "Press Optimized" (CMYK at 300 DPI, fonts embedded, etc.)
  2. InDesign Interchange file packaged with all links and font files or fonts converted to outlines. Note: files packaged on Macs may not contain the resource fork of the font files and may therefore not be usable.
  3. Hi-Res (300 DPI) Photoshop PSD file with font files or fonts converted to outlines.
  4. Illustrator AI file with font files or fonts converted to outlines.
  5. Hi-Res (300+ DPI) TIF, JPG or EPS

Notes on creating PDFs

  • Use preset "Press Optimized" PDF
  • Ensure that all elements are in correct color format - grayscale (for black and white ads) or CMYK (for color ads).
  • Do not save with transparency
  • Set bleeds to 1/4" on all sides
  • Turn off all Printer's marks except crop marks (use .25" offset)
  • Embed all fonts
  • Do not downsample below 266dpi
  • "Convert to process" for all spot colors


Black & White ads must be saved in grayscale Color ads should contain only CMYK elements

  • no RGB or spot colors.


  • Line screen 133 / Resolution 300dpi
  • Include hardcopy or low-res rasterized proof with all digital files.


Full page 7.625" x 9.875" 8.375" x 10.875"
1/2 Horizontal 7.625" x 4.875" 8.375" x 5.375"
1/2 Vertical (see rates) 3.75" x 9.875" 4.125" x 10.875"
1/2 Exclusive (see rates) 5.375" x 7" 5.875" x 7.625"
1/4 3.75" x 4.875" NA
1/4 Real Estate 5" x 3.75" NA
1/8 Real Estate 2.4375" x 3.75" NA
1/10 Business Card 3.75" x 1.9375" NA

ALL bleed ads must allow:

  • 1/4" bleed on ALL sides
  • 1/4" margins inside trim line on all sides for any essential matter
  • 1/4" offset for registration


The 15th of each month for publication the following month. Ads submitted after the 15th may be accepted subject to discretion. 


  • Email to
  • Mail CD to: Community Magazine 1616 Ocean Pkwy, Brooklyn, NY 11223
  • Make available on FTP site
  • Use (email for instructions)
  • Contact graphics dept. at: 718-645-4460


  • Adult/Mature pictures or subjects
  • Unsupervised/improperly supervised food products. Food related ads must include certification of Orthodox kosher supervising agency
  • Content not consistent with Orthodox Judaism (provocative images of women, immodest clothing/entertainment, etc.)