Ask Jido October 2021

Dear Jido, Before the pandemic, I applied for a promotion at my workplace. I was told that the job was mine, and I just had to wait for the paperwork to go through. Then the pandemic hit. My employer instituted a hiring freeze, and the position vanished. I've asked a few times since then for Read More »

Ask Jido September 2021

Dear Jido, Although it is a bit early, my husband and I are already having our annual dilemma about the High Holidays. The problem is that my three children (ages 11,13, and 16) and I prefer to go to my parents’ home in Brooklyn for the holidays, while he would much rather stay home in Read More »

Ask Jido August 2021

Dear Jido, I’m always worried about what other people think of me. I would like your advice on how to stop myself from seeking the validation of others. I have read many articles about not caring what others think, but it has not really helped much. Sometimes I do things that I truly believe are Read More »

Ask Jido July 2021

Dear Jido, I'm a single working father of four. I'm often given unasked-for parenting advice from female parents who often, frankly, have much less parenting experience in general, and absolutely none with my own kids. This ranges from comments like, “Children often do better in their mom's lap” as I'm booking airplane seats, to being Read More »

Ask Jido June 2021

Dear Jido, I would like to know what you think about the new trend in some food stores that seems very unethical to me. It used to be that when you went into a store every item had a price tag.  Now I find that many items do not have pricing and you have to Read More »

Ask Jido May 2021

Dear Jido, I ordered a wine gift basket for my cousin and his wife who live out of state. I received an email thanking me for my gift. My cousin reciprocated by mailing me a fairly expensive gift card to a restaurant where I rarely dine. I am contemplating a major hardware purchase and would Read More »

Ask Jido April 2021

Dear Jido, I live in a high Covid-infected area. I do my best to stay home and limit the people I see. Our apartment building has signs up requesting everyone wear their masks, and for one person/party to ride the elevator at a time. I wear my mask from the minute I leave my door Read More »

Ask Jidoh March 2021

Dear Jido, Person A, who used to be my supervisor, was recently replaced by Person B, who had other, needed skills. Now Person A is doing exactly what I do, only at his old salary - which, because of his former status, is higher than mine. Person A is also a male; I am female. Read More »

Ask Jido January 2021

Dear Jido, My wife came down with COVID and has been having a hard time getting over it. When she first started showing the symptoms, the test results were negative. A couple of days later, I carpooled with a friend to another friend’s house where seven other friends had gathered where we all wore masks Read More »

ASK JIDO December 2020

Dear Jido, I have a lovely mother-in-law. She is an amazing grandmother and I can rely on her to do what she says she will do. However, she can also be selfish and overstep boundaries, and this seems to be getting worse as she ages. When I ask her questions, like does she want to Read More »

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