ASK JIDO October 2020

Dear Jido, I recently retired so that I could help take care of my three-year-old granddaughter since daycare is so costly and her parents live from paycheck to paycheck. I have my grandchild Monday to Thursday, six hours a day. She rarely eats much, is very active, and now she will not nap. I am Read More »

Ask Jido August 2020

Dear Jido,   My newly widowed sister-in-law says she doesn’t want to come to us for the holidays this year due to her fear of COVID-19. We do not know what to do. We are not sure if she’s being honest and really just wants to be alone – or if we should insist that Read More »

Ask Jido July 2020

Dear Jido, The other day, I witnessed a woman in the supermarket telling her kids she needed to find her glasses so she could read her shopping list. Meanwhile, the glasses were clearly on top of her head! I was unsure whether it was my place to say anything, so I didn’t say a word. Read More »

Ask Jido July 2020

Dear Jido, Two of my very close friends got into a fight with each other. They both want to remain friends with me, but not with the one another. It’s starting to place way too much pressure on me. I’m at a loss of how to handle this situation. I do not want to lose Read More »

Ask Jido June 2020

Dear Jido, Ever since the schools closed in mid-March, our once quiet and peaceful neighborhood has become quite loud and rowdy. The children in the neighborhood, especially my neighbor’s kids, are very noisy and disturb our peace on a daily basis. I understand that each household has their hands full – and the kids need Read More »

ASK JIDO May 2020

Dear Jido, How do I talk to my five-year-old son about the coronavirus – without scaring him to death? How can I explain to him why he can’t go school, shul, or even to the playground? This is something that I can’t even process. How is a five year old going to comprehend what is Read More »

Ask Jidoh March 2020

Dear Jido, My 19-year-old nephew left his home in Israel and moved in with me and my family on what was supposed to be a temporary stay. We told him that he was welcome in our home until he got on his feet – which we thought would take only a few weeks. That was Read More »

Ask Jidoh February 2020

Dear Jido, My husband and I do not have a television in our home. When my husband’s parents come to visit, they seem uncomfortable that we do not have one. They consider us very unusual because we do not have at least one television in the house. Last week, for our wedding anniversary, they gave Read More »

Ask Jidoh January 2020

Dear Jido, I have a 10-year-old daughter who does not want to go to school anymore. She says that she doesn’t fit in and that the other kids pick on her. She wants to stay home and get home-schooled. Meanwhile her younger brother goes to the same school and he loves it and is doing Read More »

ASK JIDOH November 2018

Dear Jido, My boss has taken to drinking behind his closed office door. He begins as soon as he gets to work and continues throughout the day. His work output has decreased and I don't have much to do. He is pretty incoherent by three, and I cover for him. I leave at five and Read More »

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