The Lighter Side October 2020

A Flabbergasting Fragrance Greg walks into a department store and goes straight to the fragrance section. He says to the sales lady, “Today is my wife’s birthday, and I would like to buy her a nice bottle of French perfume.” “Oh, wonderful,” the sales lady said. “That will be a nice surprise for her.” “Yeah, Read More »

Mashiah Revealed Part 4 The Predicted Dates For Mashiah’s Arrival August 2020

Mashiah’s arrival is thus guaranteed to occur by the year 6000, an opinion widely accepted by most of our sages. Throughout this long, tumultuous exile, numerous predictions and speculations have been made regarding the date of Mashiah’s long-awaited arrival – a number of which are even attributed to some of our nation’s most illustrious sages. Read More »

By Rabbi E.C. Aboud

Individual Apple Cobblers with Vanilla Ice Cream August 2020

Cobblers, crisps, crumbles; they’re all the same, right? Actually, while they’re all baked desserts made with fruit, there are distinctions between the three. Cobblers have a biscuit topping which resembles a cobbled road, and so it was named accordingly. Though crisps and crumbles both have a streusel-like topping, they have but one difference. Crisps contain Read More »

By Adina Yaakov

The M&S Softball Mid-Season Report August 2020

The M&S Softball League is about midway through the 2020 season and the playoff picture is starting to get clearer. Almost all seven teams feel they have what it takes to hoist the M&S Cup this season and things are starting to get really interesting! Who to Watch At the top of the standing is Read More »

By Sam Sutton

LAW IN THE TIME OF COVID Is There a Silver Lining? Part II August 2020

“Behind every dark cloud there is a silver lining.” During this terrible time of the COVID-19, which has permeated every aspect of our lives, our community, and the world at large, we find there are actually many positive consequences.  Last month, I observed how we have rediscovered ourselves, our kids, spouses, families, and friends, and Read More »

By Lois D. Sutton, Esq.

Hashem’s World, and Our Place in It August 2020

Utilizing the Yamim Nora’im to their fullest potential Tishrei is called yerah ha’etanim – the month of the mighty. How can we tap into that awesome reservoir of power in order to better serve our purpose in This World? As we all prepare for the High Holy Days, we get inspired by classes we hear, Read More »

By Rabbi Yehuda Beyda

Back to School 2020 Can Our Children Return to School Safely? August 2020

Can our children return to school safely? This is the million-dollar question! By the time you read this, I trust that you will feel comfortable with the reopening plans implemented by the schools your children attend.  The COVID-19 environment is unpredictable. However, many concepts related to getting our children ready for school remain the same. Read More »


A Legacy of Education August 2020

Long before the modern-day special education system was created, Shlomo Hamelech, in Sefer Mishle (22:6), recommended individualized instruction: “Teach the child according to His way.” Many commentators explain this to mean that one should educate the child in Hashem’s way – the way He wants us to conduct our lives. But others explain this to Read More »

By Mozelle Forman


Rice Krispie treats - meet your rival! These Fruity Pebbles Ice Cream Bowls are double trouble. Not only is it two desserts in one, it can hold way more than just ice cream. You can try it with mousse, fruit, trifle, snacks, and much more. They’re perfect for a party and always a hit with Read More »

By Adina Yaakov

Mashiah Revealed July 2020

Part 3: Mashiah ben Yosef and Mashiah ben David Numerous sources speak of two different messiahs who will come to redeem the Jewish people – Mashiah ben David and Mashiah ben Yosef. Who exactly are these two redeemers, and what unique roles will each fill in the process of our national redemption? Mashiah ben David Read More »

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