Mashiah Revealed – Part 8: Where are the Ten Lost Tribes? April 2021

The Israelite nation that left Egypt and stood at Mount Sinai, becoming Gd’s Chosen Nation, consisted of thirteen tribes. Today, however, the Jewish Nation as we know it consists of only three tribes. What happened to the other ten tribes, and will we be reunited with our lost brethren at the time of Mashiah? Each Read More »

By Rabbi Eliyahu Haim Aboud

From The Files of The Mitzvah Man In the Zechut of Two Mitzvot April 2021

“…his commitment to observe two mitzvot on a consistent basis gave him a special zechut and Divine protection from a difficult situation.” Shelomo, a Mitzvah Man volunteer, wanted to do a special out of the box hesed for Purim. The Mitzvah Man director put him in contact with a rabbi who regularly visits hospital patients Read More »

By Pnina Souid

A New York Couple’s Royal Welcome to Egypt April 2021

Would you have the courage to travel to Egypt and check out your ancestors’ roots? Meet Esther and Reuven Guttman, a couple who had the pluck to do just that. The Guttmans booked a five-day vacation to Egypt, on their way to Israel, in July 2019. What better time to share their exciting story than Read More »

By Ellen Kamaras

PROPEL Salutes Lendy Sardar Hanono April 2021

Since its inception, PROPEL has been at the forefront of empowering women to engage in meaningful and well-paying careers, allowing them to balance home and family responsibilities and to contribute to their household income in a meaningful way.  As more women became interested in pursuing careers that require higher education - bachelors and master’s degrees Read More »

By Viviane Darwish

M&S SOFTBALL League Is Ready to Rock! April 2021

2020 was a tough year. It even impacted the Brooklyn softball community. After a successful draft, with lots of hope and excitement in the air, due to Covid-related issues the season never got underway. 2021 is a year of new beginnings. With almost all of the cast of characters back, sprinkled in with 27 rookies, Read More »

By Sam Sutton

Sefirat Ha’omer FAQs April 2021

The days from Pesah to Shavuot are counted in anticipation and preparation for the goal of yesiat Misrayim ― leaving Egypt and receiving the Torah. Regarding Avraham Avinu it is written, “And Avraham became old, coming in days.” This refers to the greatness of Avraham Avinu, that as he grew older he came into every Read More »

By Rabbi Moshe Arking – Ave. O Synagogue, Rabbi Hayim Asher Arking – Ohr Halacha

Abraham Accords Boost Demand for Kosher Cuisine in UAE April 2021

As the lone kosher food provider in the United Arab Emirates, Elli Kriel used to deliver about a dozen or so meals a month to businessmen and travelers passing through. Two major events happened that changed her small upstart boutique catering business, into a giant one, now globally recognized. For one, the UAE government proclaimed Read More »


Moms of Pandemic Babies Share Their Stories April 2021

Going to the hospital to have a baby is a very exciting, emotional, and sometimes stressful, venture. During a global pandemic, all those emotions drastically increase. New moms-to-be set to give birth between late March and early May, 2020 had just two options: either stress and worry, or don’t think about it and trust that Read More »

By Frieda Schweky

Someone’s Been Helping YOUR Family, Friends, and Neighbors April 2021

How the Flatbush Community Fund has Quickly Become a Lifeline for Local Families in Distress This past Pessah, thanks to a new community initiative, hundreds of needy families who otherwise might have gone without proper provisions for the holiday didn’t have to worry about putting food on the table. For them, this holiday was indeed different from all other holidays – Read More »


It’s Amazing! Exploring the Mysteries of the Animal Kingdom March 2021

Why Are Flies So Hard to Swat? One of the secrets behind the fly’s impressive evasiveness is its outstanding vision. A house fly has two large compound eyes that cover most of its head. Each compound eye is composed of up to six thousand individual visual receptors called ommatidia. Each ommatidium (singular for ommatidia) is Read More »

By Efraim Harari
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