School in the Shadow of COVID-19 October 2020

A look at how our community yeshivot are dealing with the coronavirus The COVID-19 pandemic is primed to make the 2020-21 school year as challenging – if not more so – than the last. The dreaded virus padlocked nearly every school building last spring in an historic disruption of education. Schools were forced to shift Read More »

By Mozelle Forman

Family Tree Required for Portuguese Citizenship October 2020

Portugal’s two recognized Jewish communities, Oporto and Lisboa, have been flooded during the past few months with applications for a Jewish Certificate from Sephardic descendants around the world. The certificate is a mandatory requirement for citizenship applications available to Sephardic Jews under a nationality law dated from 2015. Another requirement for the application process is Read More »

By Sarina Roffé


Last month, the Eastern Division of the Simon Wiesenthal Center held its fifth annual Heroes of Tolerance Awards Ceremony, established to recognize  leaders in the fight against anti-Semitism and injustice. Among the four men to receive this prestigious award was our community’s own David Heskiel, Police Chaplain and Community Advocate. The other honorees were Mathew Read More »

By Pnina Souid

Mitzvah Man Steps Up To The Plate During COVID-19 October 2020

The Mitzvah Man organization is known as the place to call for those in need of hesed. During the extra challenge presented by COVID-19, their thousands of volunteers stepped up to the plate, and provided even more help than usual. Fallout from Quarantine The quarantine was difficult for everyone, but those most affected were the Read More »

By Pnina Souid

Mashiah Revealed: Part Five Basic Overview of Gog Umagog October 2020

Tradition teaches that the Messianic era won’t come easily. We have all heard of the harsh “Gog Umagog” wars that will rage just prior to the arrival of Mashiah and the final redemption.  This installment of our series will explore this fascinating aspect of Mashiah and attempt to explain more fully what kind of wars Read More »

By R’ Eliyahu Chaim Aboud

The M&S Softball Monthly Report October 2020

The 2020 regular season has come to an end, and now is when the fun begins. The chase for the M&S Cup is on! WWG1WGA finished the season with a dominating 10-2 record and earned to the right to select their opponent (more on that later). Coming into the season, nobody questioned this team’s talent Read More »

By Sam Sutton

The Lighter Side October 2020

A Flabbergasting Fragrance Greg walks into a department store and goes straight to the fragrance section. He says to the sales lady, “Today is my wife’s birthday, and I would like to buy her a nice bottle of French perfume.” “Oh, wonderful,” the sales lady said. “That will be a nice surprise for her.” “Yeah, Read More »

Mashiah Revealed Part 4 The Predicted Dates For Mashiah’s Arrival August 2020

Mashiah’s arrival is thus guaranteed to occur by the year 6000, an opinion widely accepted by most of our sages. Throughout this long, tumultuous exile, numerous predictions and speculations have been made regarding the date of Mashiah’s long-awaited arrival – a number of which are even attributed to some of our nation’s most illustrious sages. Read More »

By Rabbi E.C. Aboud

Individual Apple Cobblers with Vanilla Ice Cream August 2020

Cobblers, crisps, crumbles; they’re all the same, right? Actually, while they’re all baked desserts made with fruit, there are distinctions between the three. Cobblers have a biscuit topping which resembles a cobbled road, and so it was named accordingly. Though crisps and crumbles both have a streusel-like topping, they have but one difference. Crisps contain Read More »

By Adina Yaakov

The M&S Softball Mid-Season Report August 2020

The M&S Softball League is about midway through the 2020 season and the playoff picture is starting to get clearer. Almost all seven teams feel they have what it takes to hoist the M&S Cup this season and things are starting to get really interesting! Who to Watch At the top of the standing is Read More »

By Sam Sutton
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