A Dirty Trick November 2020

The Case Sol* gave an exclusive listing for the sale of his home to Alicia, an experienced realtor in their local neighborhood in Jerusalem. The price Sol was asking for the property was a firm $2.45 million. Nearly four months later, Alicia informed Sol that although the home was overpriced, she had nevertheless found a Read More »

A Cash Advance October 2020

The Case Solomon extended a five-year loan of $200,000 to his brother-in-law Danny back in 2018. The terms of the loan included monthly payments of $5,000 for 60 months. Although the loan was extended to Danny’s LLC, Solomon required Danny to sign legal documentation making him personally responsible for the funds. After making his monthly Read More »

From the Files of the Bet Din August 2020

The Case But You Gave Your Word Steve and Jennifer were actively pursuing the purchase of Sam’s home for nearly a year. Sam owned a desirable property and was clearly holding out to get his price. Eventually, Steve and Jennifer conceded to pay Sam’s price and in late February they shook hands and verbally committed Read More »

Scrambling For Camping July 2020

The Case Jack operates a large summer camp that services his community annually. After collecting deposits from many applicants for the summer of 2020, he needed to cancel the camp’s opening because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although it was perhaps legal for him to open as scheduled, nevertheless, the restrictions imposed by the state with Read More »

It’s Not All Fun and Games July 2020

Amy operates a successful playgroup for toddlers in her home. All parents who send their children to the playgroup sign a contract that stipulates that they are required to pay for her services on the first of the month for the duration of the school year. As a result of COVID-19, Amy was forced to Read More »

Early Financial Impact of COVID-19 June 2020

Joseph rented David’s luxurious villa for his upcoming trip to Israel for the Passover holiday. The lease was for a total of four weeks, commencing three weeks before the holiday. Joseph prepaid half the rent, a sum of $3,500. When it became apparent to Joseph that the COVID-19 pandemic was spreading, he immediately contacted David Read More »

Who Gets the Rent? May 2020

The Case Amy was recently widowed and was financially struggling to pay her monthly rent. Although her son-in-law was very affluent and provided her with most of her financial needs, Amy chose to sublet bedrooms in her apartment to young ladies studying in a nearby school. The income generated covered nearly half of the monthly Read More »

Lawyer’s Creed or Greed? April 2020

THE CASE Abe, an accomplished lawyer, was hired to negotiate a settlement on behalf of his client. Due to his client’s advanced age and inability to withstand the pressure of the negotiation process, Abe’s job included reviewing the relevant documentation prior to negotiations without his client’s assistance. The client signed a contract compensating Abe with Read More »

THE CASE The Wig Party March 2020

Sara ordered a custom-made wig from Yocheved, a local sheitel macher, at the whopping price of $3,500. Upon payment Sara brought her new wig home, only to hear comments from her family members that the wig was clearly not worth the price. Sara ignored the ongoing comments for a while, but when her mother-in-law expressed Read More »

By Rabbi Max Sutton

How Embarrassing!! February 2020

THE CASE Audrey sent her daughter to a local elementary school. Unhappy with her daughter’s progress throughout the school year, she wrote a brief text to many members of the board of directors of the school complaining that her daughter’s sudden regression is the result of her daughter’s terribly under-qualified teacher. After detailing the teacher’s Read More »

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