Letters November 2020

Leading by Example Rabbi Mansour’s column last month (The Ultimate “Flood” Insurance Policy) brought out such a  beautiful message.  I wish this article came out a couple of years ago. It wasn’t too long ago that I was guilty of neglecting my spouse and kids.  My children were constantly nagging me about how often I Read More »

Letters October 2020

Back to School I found the tips given in last month’s article about the upcoming school year (“Can Our Children Return to School Safely?”) to be extremely encouraging and helpful. I would like to add that it is also very important not to speak negatively about school and/or government policies in front of your children. Read More »

Letters August 2020

The Secret to Success Rabbi Mansour’s article last month (“The Secret to Success During Times of Crisis”) was right on point - as usual. With the rabbi’s permission, I would like to add the following thought. I was taught that tzedekah can take many forms besides a gift of money. According to Hillel, the highest Read More »

Letters July 2020

Mashiah Revealed I’m usually not such a fan of “Coming of Mashiah” articles, as I’m a bit skeptical of predictions about the End of Days. But I did enjoy last month’s column (“Mashiah Revealed”) – perhaps because I’m feeling a little desperate right now. I’m actually looking forward to reading Part Two of the series, Read More »

LETTERS June 2020

Notes of Appreciation I have been receiving Community Magazine for approximately two years and find it not only informative, but very uplifting. As a ba’al teshuva, I find that my thirst for Torah only grows the more I study. Your publication has helped me grow closer to Hashem and appreciate our amazing Sephardic heritage. The Read More »

Letters March 2020

13th Siyum HaShas Wow! Last month’s coverage of the 13th Siyum HaShas was fantastic. The photos were top notch. They made the stories even more inspirational. It is truly wonderful that Jewish communities from all over the world had the opportunity to share in a joyous affirmation of our faith, our love of and respect Read More »

Letters February 2020

Empathy Effect First off, I would like to thank you for publishing such a high quality magazine every month. One of my favorite columns is “Words of Rabbi Eli J Mansour.” Last month’s article about empathy (The Empathy Effect) is certainly an important topic – and was brilliantly written – but I believe there is Read More »

Letters January 2020

The Miracle Twins Last month’s cover story (The Incredible Story of The Miracle Twins) was quite amazing. I would like to address this letter to the mother of the miracle twins. Your story about your two precious little girls was so inspirational. I was literally in tears while reading what you and your devoted husband Read More »

LETTERS November 2018

Sara Schenirer Last issue’s cover story (Sara Schenirer: A First-Class Option) was beautifully written. The only thing lacking was the background history of the program’s namesake, Sara Schenirer. Since she is recognized worldwide as a visionary educator who literally saved the Jewish people, I thought your readers would be interested in knowing a little more Read More »

LETTERS October 2018

  Remembering Rebbetzin Shelia Feinstein Thank you for including the tribute to Rebbetzin Shelia Feinstein, a”h, in last month’s magazine.  Rebbetzin Feinstein lived a life of purpose. Whether as a loving wife, mother, principal, teacher, or friend, the Rebbetzin thought and acted with deliberate sensitivity and attention to, as well as clarity with, everything she said Read More »

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