The Final Rectification August 2020

“…it is all part of Hashem’s Master Plan, with the single goal of bringing everyone to fulfill their ultimate purpose…” The Shomer Emunim (Vol. 1) revealed a secret in the name of the great mekubal Rav Tzvi Aryeh of Alik. There was once a gathering in Heaven of all souls who had already gone through Read More »

By Rabbi David Ashear

No One Else Matters July 2020

“We don’t work for people, and we don’t work to be noticed or appreciated. We work in order to fulfill the will of Hashem.” During the time the Chafetz Chaim was compiling his Mishnah Berurah, he learned together with his son-in-law. At one point, they spent three entire days working to resolve a certain issue. Read More »

The Master of Compassion July 2020

The prophet Yeshayah (25:8) foresees the day when there will be no more death, and Hashem will wipe the tears from every face. The Talmud Yerushalmi explains this to mean that Hashem, personally, will come to each and every one of us in the future in all His splendor and glory, to console and comfort Read More »

By Rabbi David Ashear

Even Stress Can Be Good June 2020

“We need to appreciate Hashem’s kindness at all times, under all circumstances”. The Torah commands (Devarim 26:11) – Hashem wants us to be happy with all the goodness He bestows upon us. Later, we read (28:47), “because you did not serve Hashem, your Gd, amid gladness and goodness of heart, when everything was abundant.” It Read More »

The “Doctor” Who Can Cure Everything May 2020

“May it be Your will Hashem, that this heals me because I know You are the real doctor.” A person suffering from a headache can take a Tylenol to ease the pain. If someone has a toothache, he can go to the dentist to solve the problem. If a person’s eyes are bothering him, he Read More »

By Rabbi David Ashear

The Opportunity of a Lifetime April 2020

Imagine if somebody arranged a meeting with one of the most powerful and influential people in the world, giving us the opportunity to sit with that person and discuss anything we want for thirty minutes. How much money would such a meeting be worth to us? To give us an idea of how much value Read More »

By Rabbi David Ashear

Give Your Children Tools For Life March 2020

A young mother named Elisheva* asked me, “What is the proper way to instill emunah in my children?” I told her that besides talking to them directly about basic concepts – namely, that Hashem loves them and is always watching over them – she needs to speak about emunah in regular conversations at home. Whether Read More »

By Rabbi David Ashear

Earn a Title February 2020

If a person sets out to do a mitzvah and is confronted with obstacles, his natural reaction might be, Doesn’t Hashem want me to do this mitzvah? Why is He making it so hard for me? For example, a person is out of town and wants to pray with a minyan. He finds out there Read More »

By Rabbi David Ashear

Is It A Sign from Hashem? January 2020

If a person tries to do something good but obstacles come in the way, he should not interpret this to mean that Hashem wants him to stop. We do not know how to interpret “signs.” Our job is to try our hardest to do what is correct, and make every effort to surmount any obstacles Read More »

By Rabbi David Ashear


A woman has recently been experiencing considerable difficulty running the organization she had started several years earlier. She founded the organization l’shem Shamayim, out of sincere desire to help others, but numerous obstacles arose and she was seriously considering shutting it down. She was awake almost the entire night worrying about the situation and trying Read More »

By Rabbi David Ashear
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