RIDDLES January 2021

Cats & Dogs Fido is staring only at Jamie, but Jamie is staring only at Felix. Fido is a dog and Felix is a cat. Jamie is either a cat or a dog, but you don’t know which. Given just this information, is a dog looking at a cat – or are you unable to Read More »


RIDDLES December 2020

A Numbers Game What number comes next in each of these four mathematical sequences? 6 9          12        15        18        _____ 29 25        21        17        13        ____ 2 4          8          16        32        ____ 13 17        19        23        29        ____ Last Month’s Riddle: Party Mystery David was going to a party. As he approached, he could see Read More »


Riddles November 2020

Riddle: Party Mystery David was going to a party. As he approached, he could see through the window that it was completely packed with people. David went inside only to discover that there wasn’t a single person in there. How could this be? Last month’s Riddle: Which One Does Not Belong? Which is the odd Read More »


RIDDLE: Which One Does Not Belong? October 2020

This is a half-page column. Same layout as usual. Riddles Which is the odd word out in each of these sets of five words? Four of the words all have something in common that the fifth one doesn’t. Elephant, Rabbit, Mouse, Turtle, Dog Red, Yellow, Orange, Violet, Indigo Six, Nine, Twelve, Twenty, Thirty Gym, Myth, Read More »


Riddles August 2020

RIDDLE: Bike Repair SUBMITTED BY: Valerie S. If four people can repair four bicycles in four hours, how many bicycles can eight people repair in eight hours? Last Month’s Riddle: Stately Anagrams Can you arrange the letters in the four odd phrases below to reveal the names of U.S. states? Ignore the spaces – they’re Read More »

RIDDLES July 2020

Riddle: Clothing Code SUBMITTED BY LENORE H. A new clothing store just opened. The owner has devised his own method of pricing items. A vest costs $20, socks cost $25, a tie costs $15, and a blouse costs $30. Using the owner’s method, how much would a pair of pajamas cost?   Previous Riddle from Read More »

RIDDLES August 2013

Riddle: At the Races Submitted by E. Cohen You have 32 horses and need to find the 3 fastest. You can race at most 4 at a time. What is the fewest number of races needed? Last Month’s Riddle: Word Problems In the addition problem below, each unique letter represents a different digit from 0 Read More »

RIDDLES July 2013

Riddle: Word Problems Submitted by: R. Esses In the addition problem below, each unique letter represents a different digit from 0 to 9. Identical letters represent identical digits. For the sum to be correct, what number must EIGHT represent? And if W is greater than N but less than V, what must be the values Read More »

RIDDLES June 2013

Riddle: Which Is The Right Switch? Submitted by: Haim Soleimani Four switches can be turned on or off. One is the light switch for the incandescent overhead light in the next room, which is initially off, but you don't know which. The other three switches do nothing. From the room with the switches in it, Read More »

RIDDLES May 2013

Riddle: Maximum Product Submitted by: S. Sutton Use all the digits from 1 to 9 without repeating, to form two numbers such that their product is maximum. A digit used should be unique across both the numbers. For example, the numbers formed could be 1234 and 56789. Junior Riddle: To Get to the Other Side Read More »

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