One on One with Robin Shaoul December 2020

“I love helping people understand themselves and being a part of their growth journey.” ~~ Robin ~~ As I approach my four-year anniversary of writing this column, I feel incredibly honored to have  interviewed many of the remarkable women of our community.  What I enjoy most about this column is meeting these women, hearing their Read More »

By Ellen Geller Kamaras

One on One with Jacklyn Lahav November 2020

“I grew up in a loving home in which we were encouraged to achieve our dreams and goals. My passion as a midwife is to offer women superb healthcare, which is both holistic and patient-centered.”         ~~ Jacklyn ~~ I enjoyed an enthralling three hours with Jacklyn Lahav, a certified nurse-midwife, wife, and mother of three Read More »

By Ellen Geller Kamaras

One on One with Cathy Ades November 2020

“Our success comes from Hashem and lots of hard work.  Helping someone find their dream house is like making a shidduch.  Our clients see how genuine we are, and we stay with them through each step of the process.”   ~~ Cathy Ades ~~ Please meet Cathy Ades, an energetic, positive, dynamic, and talented working mother Read More »

By Ellen Geller Kamaras

Woman to Woman One on One with Etty Mizrahi October 2020

“I love learning and connecting with people, which makes psychology a natural fit.” ~ Etty As a Yeshivah of Flatbush graduate, I was thrilled to interview an alumna who studied at Flatbush from pre-K through high school, who now plays an integral role at the high school in providing a safe, confidential space in which Read More »

By Ellen Geller Kamaras

One on One with Ruthie Levy August 2020

“When I look back, I see that the decisions my parents made, and the steps I took as a child and teenager, helped me grow into the person I am today. They were the catalysts to connect me with family, spiritual people, and my passions.” ~~ Ruthie Levy Ruthie Anteby Levy grew up in Brooklyn Read More »

By Ellen Gellar Kamaras

One on One with Paulette Cohen July 2020

“A mother wants her child to be healthy and not suffer - there is no greater pain than when your child is not totally healthy. How would you feel if your child couldn’t attend a bris or birthday party?  That is why I will never stop advocating for allergy kids.” ~~ Paulette Meet Paulette Cohen, Read More »

By Ellen Geller Kamaras

Woman to Woman with Sari Shamah July 2020

“Sari, you have to know that what you do makes a difference, holding that iPad up, being the messenger of love that people need right now is why you are so special. We wanted to give you a virtual hug but also give you the verbal thank you that you deserve, your tears are real Read More »

By Ellen Geller Kamaras

One on One April 2020

“Put your own oxygen mask on first-people depend on you. If you are feeling down, get outside and reach out to someone in need, and don’t forget to smile.” Lois Sutton For the past three years, Ellen Kamaras has brought us insightful articles, profiling women in our community. I had the honor of being interviewed Read More »

One on One with Lois Sutton March 2020

 “You can have it all – but not all at the same time.” ~~ Lois Sutton I am grateful to be celebrating my third anniversary of writing this column.  My very first interview was with Gloria Bijou and I have been hooked ever since! Gloria and I were both downsizing at the time and we Read More »

By Ellen Geller Kamaras

Woman to Woman One on One with Miriam Wielgus February 2020

 “Despite our Ashkenazi roots, my husband and I ended up in a largely Sephardic environment.  We joke that between the two of us we have the entire Sephardic community covered!” Sharing Miriam’s life story with my readers is particularly meaningful for me.  Miriam taught Jewish history to my children at Yeshivah of Flatbush Joel Braverman Read More »

By Ellen Geller Kamaras
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