Challenges are Opportunities December 2020

“Here’s $100 million.  I’m BEGGING you to take it.  I’m PLEADING with you.” These words were probably never spoken, since the beginning of time.  Why would anyone have to beg somebody to accept an enormous fortune?  Nobody would ever need to  be begged to become rich, right? At the time our ancestors left Egypt, however, Read More »

Striving for the Best November 2020

If we want our mitzvot to “shine” brightly, we need to invest in them. Before Hanukah, we’re all going to go out and purchase either a whole bottle of oil or a large box of candles for kindling the Hanukah lights. Here’s a question you probably would never expect a rabbi to ask: why is Read More »

The Hidden Sanctity of Hevron November 2020

The first piece of real estate ever purchased by a Jew in the Land of Israel is not in Jerusalem or Tel-Aviv.  Not even in Bnei-Brak. It is Me’arat Hamachpelah – the “Cave of the Patriarchs,” in the ancient city of Hevron. As we read in the Torah this month, Avraham purchased this territory from Read More »

The Ultimate “Flood” Insurance Policy October 2020

The Torah is the blueprint for living a proper religious life. But in Parashat Noah, we find a much differ-ent kind of blueprint – the blueprint of Noah’s ark. The Torah is surprisingly specific in telling us about this structure, which housed Noah, his wife, his sons, his daughters-in-law, and all the creatures while Gd Read More »

We Have the Best Lawyer – But He Needs Our Help August 2020

“Gd believes in the inherent greatness of each and every Jew – and so should we”. When a person is brought to court, he will make sure to hire the best lawyer he can afford, the one who will plead his case most effectively. As we stand trial on Yom Kippur, we don’t need to Read More »

The “Magic” Formula The Secret to Life and Prosperity – Even During Times of Crisis July 2020

“There is no need to resort to red strings.  We have already been taught how to be worthy of joy, success, and prosperity – through tzedakah, by being generous, and by being scrupulously honest.” Every month, according to Jewish tradition, has a special theme.  The month of Elul, as we know, is the month when Read More »

It’s Not About You! July 2020

How Not to Feel Threatened by Other People’s Success “If we tend to feel jealous, then we have very little chance of ever being happy and content.”   I have a relative who served as the president of a yeshiva.  Like all people in such positions, he did not receive a penny for the countless Read More »

Giving the Almighty the Benefit of the Doubt June 2020

During this time of fear and uncertainty – it is important to affirm that Hashem is always just - and that He knows exactly what He’s doing - even when we don’t understand. There is a famous teaching in Pirkeh Avot, “Heveh dan et kol ha’adam lechaf zechut” – we are to judge our fellowman Read More »

Eliyahu & the Virus May 2020

Just as this crisis has helped us reconsider our priorities in our lives, it has helped reconsider our attitudes towards one another.  The Talmud (Sanhedrin 98a) tells that Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi once had the opportunity to meet the Mashiah.  He approached him and asked him when he would come to redeem the Jewish People. Read More »

The Pesach Sink April 2020

The sink plays an important role on Pesach. No, we are not talking about the various solutions for how to use one’s kitchen sink on Pesach, whether by being “koshered” with boiling water or with special inserts. We are talking about the seder, when our rabbis added an extra hand-washing. Normally, of course, when we Read More »

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