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How Prestige Capital has succeeded in offering innovative factoring services for growing businesses for over 25 years.

Harvey Kaminski, President of Prestige Capital Corporation of Fort Lee, New Jersey, and Stuart Rosenthal, Prestige’s Executive Vice President, often draw upon their Jewish roots and beliefs when  designing their approach to transacting business.

Prestige, which does factoring for various industry sectors, was founded in 1985. Harvey Kaminski had previously practiced law, specializing in financing and bankruptcy.  “I learned from my legal cases how much professional gratification one could experience from being able to assist small businesses,” Kaminski describes.  “Often these enterprises were troubled, where the owners and executives didn’t have any solutions.  To be able to enter the picture and engineer a way out of their difficulties by making these businesses presentable for financing – provided a great deal of satisfaction.”

Kaminski grew up in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn during the period when it became an established Jewish Diaspora.  Today, Kaminski lives in Bedford, New York and remains very involved in fundraising with Yeshiva of Flatbush High School, where he was graduated.  He is also very active with the United Jewish Federation in Stamford, Connecticut and several other Jewish assistance and advocacy agencies.

Stuart Rosenthal joined Prestige Capital in 1999 after working as a small business and finance auditor at Arthur Anderson.  He also served for 11 years as Vice President and Sales Manager for CIT Group’s credit finance unit.  Rosenthal, too, is a “Brooklyn boy,” born and raised in Canarsie.

Harvey and Stuart generally look to fund accounts receivable transactions ranging from $100,000-$10,000,000.  Prestige Capital is national in scope, focusing on a variety of industry sectors including the services (everything from invoices generated with call centers to security guards); manufacturing (everything from men’s cologne to pet products); distribution (everything from lumber to flowers); construction (everything from architect’s fees to sewer pipes); and importing (everything from computer products to novelty items).

Tri-Tech Associates is a Manhattan-based value added reseller of data management, owned by a Jewish business executive. Prestige has been funding Tri-Tech’s invoices for about six years, and this successful relationship exemplifies the way Harvey and Stuart have been reaching out to the community.

Drawing parallels to the intricate calculations involved in studying Talmud, Harvey Kaminski points out that, “Within factoring, there are many variations and solutions which can be applied to make deals work.  It’s unfortunate when the potential to earn income in a transaction disintegrates because of a lack of knowledge or awareness on the part of the business owner about ways in which a deal can be structured.  The business owner, and perhaps even his accountant, has not explored all the opportunities for financing.”

Stuart Rosenthal elaborates: “Unlike many banks which require that financing fits into their cookie cutter mold, and where the lending officers lack the patience to analyze variables or special circumstances, Prestige Capital is committed to nurturing a business, and to trying to figure out a way to go forward with a business owner.” 

Mr.  Kaminski adds, “We like to think the reception a business owner prospect gets at Prestige is much more open-minded and positive than many other financial institutions that immediately start their process of elimination.”

A major reason why business owners use factors, as opposed to bankers, is the credit protection that comes along with the careful validation of the strength of the invoices generated for each end user or buyer. The factor, in effect becomes an extension of the company’s credit department, providing a good read of the risk involved in every transaction.

Kaminski estimates that Prestige Capital Corporation funded more than $250 million in deal flow volume during the past year. To learn more about Prestige Capital, visit