Guarding the Sanctuary: New Initiative to Provide Protection for Israel's Synagogues

Past Articles:

•         Largest Gingerbread House

Out to prove everything is bigger in Texas, the HYPERLINK ""Traditions Club built the world’s largest Gingerbread house in November 2013. The delectable structure is 60 feet by 42 feet, 20 feet high, and loaded with 35,823,400 calories!

•         Fastest Lawn Mower

The Mean Mower, built by Honda and Team Dynamics on March 8, 2014, can cut grass while racing at a speed of 116.57 miles per hour.


•         Biggest Greeting Card

The largest Mother’s Day card was made by Nestle in March 2014. Unveiled to the public at the Dubai Mall in United Arab Emirates, the card stands 33 feet 5 inches high and 23 feet 3 inches wide.


•         Longest Floating Golf Green

To play the 14th hole of the Couer d’Alene golf course in Idaho, you first need to ride a boat. Measuring about 15,000 square feet, the floating green is on a computer-controlled island that can be moved between 246 feet and 574 feet from the shore. Golfers need to take a water taxi to reach the island.


•         Most Expensive Sheepdog

EddieThornalley from the United Kingdom holds the record for purchasing the most expensive sheepdog. He paid a whopping $16,216 for a sheepdog named Marchup Midge from breeder and trainer Shaun Richards at an auction held in North Yorkshire in October of 2012.


•         World’s Smallest Lightbulb

Scientists have just recently created the world’s smallest light bulb from a one atom-thick layer of graphene. Graphene, which was discovered a little over a decade ago, is a layer of pure carbon just one atom thick. Stronger than steel, it is transparent, light and flexible and possesses uncommon electric and thermal properties.