Past Articles:

Cooking with Claudia

Love your new recipe column by Claudia Bildrici! It is amazing how she is able to make healthy foods look so colorful and still taste so delicious. Her Lemon Sole recipe looks like a real winner – I can’t wait to try it for the holidays. I thoroughly enjoyed the interview with Claudia, as well (“Love, Learn, Laugh and Eat”). My daughters and I are already looking forward to next month’s recipes!!

Freda S.

Kesher on Campus

While I strongly disapprove of sending girls from our community to college (too many reasons to list in a single paragraph), I do think it is vital to have an organization such as Kesher serving our community. Last month’s article, “Kesher Unveils Its Latest Project,” brought to light the dangerous obstacles and pitfalls that post-high school children face on a daily basis when going to college. It is so important to have a competent organization to be there for our children while they are away from home. Although there are other campus programs (such as Chabad), the fact is, we need our very own Sephardic program that understands the values and traditions of our fine community. So, even though there are numerous dangers involved in sending our children away to college, at least it is good to know that we have an organization such as Kesher led by its spiritual leader, Rabbi Joey Haber, available to help guide our children if necessary.

Maurice F.

Iran Deal

Yes, it is a terrible shame that President Obama secured enough votes for the Iran deal. But what is even more disappointing is how some of our local politicians let us down – specifically, Representative Jerry Nadler and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. We need to do everything in our power to let them know that their actions will not be forgotten. It is not too late to let our voices be heard. We should contact these officials and explain to them why this horrible deal will likely have devastating consequences to both the U.S. and Israel. If we remain silent – we will only be hurting ourselves. 

Ralph T.

The Jewish Hostess

Last month’s special Holiday Edition was a real treat. You covered all the bases – spiritual messages, advice, insights, and my favorite topic – food. Of course, I loved the recipes by Claudia Bildrici, but the interview with Marlene Mamiye from the Jewish Hostess (“Igniting a Spark of Tradition”) was so extra special, as I’m an avid follower of Marlene’s. It was so nice to learn how the Jewish Hostess all began and to read about the impact that it has on so many Jewish women (over 17,000 followers) around the world. Her message that she gave over in the interview was very inspirational. As moms, we have the power to instill values and create fond memories for our children through our cooking – from the food preparation (colors and style), to the comforting aromas, to the delicious delicacies we serve (with a smile). This is such a beautiful way to show our loved ones how special and dear they are to us. Thank you Marlene!

Audrey B.

Honeybee Shortage

I enjoyed reading Dave Gordon’s article last month about the current honeybee shortage (“Are There Enough Bees for a Sweet New Year?”). However, while I can understand why some people would be terribly concerned about the bee shortage, it should be noted that this is not the first time that this has occurred.

The honeybee population has decreased dramatically in the past without any clear cause in the United States in the 1880s, the 1920s, 1960s, and 1990s. They seem to have recovered each time in the past. While it is sad to lose honeybees, we must remember that butterflies, birds, and other of Hashem’s magnificent creatures also participate in the pollination process of plants. It is not just the bees.

Gloria H.