Past Articles:

I’m still losing sleep over last month’s cover story (“Nazi Hunter”). To think that there are known Nazi war criminals living peacefully right out in the open makes my stomach churn. It is difficult to comprehend why our government does not pursue these killers and place them in prison (or better yet, execute them). And if the government would rather not get involved, I would think that there would be an organized Jewish organization trying to track these Nazis down. The only reason I can think of is that most people are unaware that there are so many known Nazi war criminals still around and living among us. More articles like this need to be published so the public is aware that these monsters are still at large.

Arnold R.

Mr. Rambam [who was featured in last month’s “Nazi Hunter” feature] evidently never read The Secret War Against the Jews by Loftus and Aarons. The book outlines the choice given to David Ben Gurion between a state or justice; he could not have both. Nelson Rockefeller could get South American nations to vote for Israeli statehood only if Israel would promise not to pursue Nazi War criminals. Ben Gurion took the deal, and the state became a reality. Eichmann was the only exception, and Abba Eban at the time was livid.

The same book went on to explain how a major CIA employee after the war ran a rat line to smuggle Nazis through Italy to South America. That secret was known to the Mossad and was used to cement a close bond between the Mossad and the CIA. The price paid for the creation of the State of Israel and help for the Mossad was the abandonment of justice for war criminals.

Principle, justice and decency was unaffordable in 1948. The price paid then resulted in what Israel is today. Israel mortgaged its past to protect its future.

Charles P.

Charlie Serouya

Last month’s article about our community’s history during the years 1945-1965 (“A Community Grows in Brooklyn”) was so enjoyable. My favorite part of the article was the section about how our youth minyans came about. Thanks to Charlie Serouya, a”h, the children of the community became inspired and excited about going to shul to pray and learn Torah (and to get candy). I still remember how Charlie used to help organize programs and influence our children in Deal Synagogue during the summer. Charlie understood the importance of getting kids to enjoy going to shul while they are young so that they would continue to go to shul as adults.


Credit Card Debt

Great information given in last month’s Dollars and Sense column by Rabbi Max Anteby (“How to Eliminate Credit Card Debt”). A few years ago, I had so much credit card debt that it ruined my credit score. My credit score was so poor that I was unable to lease a pretty inexpensive car on my own. I wish I had known these tips back then, as it would have relieved so much financial pressure.

I would like to share with your readers one additional tip that was not included in last month’s article. If it comes to a point where you are unable to make the minimum payment, you should contact the bank and ask for a deferment on your payments, or work out a new payment plan. Often, the banks will be happy to get any amount of money versus not receiving anything at all.

Rachel D.

Spiritual Energy

[Rabbi] Zamir Cohen’s column about the spiritual powers of tefillin (“Scientifically-Confirmed Spiritual Energy”) was quite fascinating. The increase of one’s spiritual illumination while wearing tefillin is simply amazing. However, women should know that this phenomenon does not only pertain to men. I recently read an article that dealt with the spiritual energies of married women that covered their hair. Included with the article were photos of an experiment in photographing human auras. A group of women was first photographed without hair coverings and then the same group of women was photographed wearing head coverings. The wearing of the head coverings drastically changed the color of each woman’s aura!

Margie J.