Past Articles:

•         Largest Flag

Romania set the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest national flag in Clinceni near Bucharest in May 2015. The flag measured 1,146 feet long by 744 feet tall.

•         Smallest Bible

The Nano Bible, which was displayed at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem this past year, is a tiny microchip on which the entire text of the Hebrew Bible is carved. You will need a very advanced microscope to read this Bible, because it’s as small as a grain of sugar.

•         Longest Tunnel

This past summer, in August 2015, the world’s new longest tunnel was completed. Construction on the Gotthard Base Tunnel started in 2004, and it travels underneath the Swiss Alps for 35.4 miles. The cost of the project was just under $10 billion.

•         Most Expensive Snoopy

On November 13, 2009, in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the cartoon-strip canine character  Snoopy, Tse Sui Luen Jewelry of Hong Kong created a 5.5-inch tall “Diamond Snoopy” encrusted with 9, 917 diamonds. The 207-carat creation went on sale with a price tag of $372,750.

•         Largest Electric Guitar

Modeled after a 1967 Gibson Flying V, this 12:1– scale replica is 43 feet 7 inches tall and 16 feet 5 inches wide, and it weighs 2,000 pounds. It was made by Scott Rippetoe and students from Conroe Independent School District Academy of Science and Technology in Texas. It is the largest working electric guitar in the world.

•         Balancing by a Dog 

Sweet Pea, an Australian shepherd/border collie, holds the record for most steps walked by a dog facing forward while balancing a 5-ounce glass of water (10 steps). Sweet Pea also holds the record for the fastest 100 meters walked by a dog with a can balanced on its head (2 minutes and 55 seconds).