"Bringing Hope through Torah" ATIME Shas-a-Thon 5776

Past Articles:

Ma’or Yeshiva High School

I really enjoyed the last month’s cover story, “Ma'or Yeshiva High School celebrating 10 years of educational excellence.” Not too long ago there weren’t any high schools for kids in our community that resided in Deal or the Jersey Shore area. After reading last month’s article it is quite evident that the vision Ma’or Yeshiva has for its students is clear and focused. It is beautiful to see that every student of the Jersey Shore now has the opportunity to receive a comprehensive, all-round education.

Raquel B.

Jonathan Pollard

I felt extremely disappointed, frustrated, and upset after reading the letter sent in by Danny A. about Jonathan Pollard in last month’s issue.

It is difficult to comprehend how people like Danny A. belittle the heroic and patriotic act of Mr. Jonathan Pollard who did his duty to his country by abiding to the treaty between the USA and Israel providing them "defense" information that was not contrary to the interest of the USA and its citizens.

The fact that he is a Jew makes us as Jews proud, as he did what was right according to U.S. law and not the misconstrued law that was rewritten as history has proven.

People like Mr. Danny A. should learn by the mistakes from history and not fall prey by repeating them and guiding others to repeat them.

Thank you Mr. Jonathan Pollard for doing what was morally correct. We are proud of you and sorry that it cost you thirty years of your productive life and health.


A survivor and member of the United Bilgoraj Air and Benevolent Society

Last Jews of Aleppo

The story that appeared in the December issue about the daring rescue mission that was carried out to save the remaining Jews of Aleppo was indeed heroic, yet at the same time it marked a very sad and tragic day in Jewish history.

The Jews of Syria had a very holy community with great rabbis throughout its rich history. Throughout the world there are prominent and very active Syrian communities that left years ago, but have stuck to their very rich culture. It will now be up to them to continue their traditions and pass it on to the next generations.

On a related note, people should be aware that Jews living in Yemen are also in very grave danger. The authorities in Yemen have given the Jews an ultimatum of either converting to Islam or leaving the country. I sincerely hope something similar to this operation is being done for them too. That community also goes back thousands of years and unfortunately, it looks like the end of the Jewish era in Yemen as well.

Henry S.

Special Children’s Center

It was awesome to read about the Hanukah concert and toy drive that the Special Children’s Center held last month. The amazing thing about the Center is that it not only helps the special kids, but it also is there for their siblings, too, who also need the extra attention, and for the parents, who need the extra support. Yaakov Shwekey is a real tzadik. His love and devotion to the children and their families is unparalleled. May Hashem continue to give him, his wife, Mrs. Chaya Bender, Mrs. June Aboksis, and the entire staff the strength and wisdom to continue with their most worthy mission.

Esther C.

The Great Challah Bake

We really appreciated and enjoyed last month’s article about the Great Challah Bake. However there were some people that were instrumental in making the event a huge success that were not mentioned in the article. We would like to acknowledge and publicly thank the following volunteers and businesses for their generosity and support.

Event sponsors- Avenue S Supermarket, Breadberry, Dr. Jack Sadacka pediatric office, Life Works, Jennifer and Elliot Tawil, Mr.and Mrs. Richie Dweck, all the table sponsors, as well as our anonymous sponsors.  Also – many thanks to MEANINGFUL DOUGH (missing from the list of chefs).

We owe a big “thank you” to Mrs. Shifra Hannon, for providing the Yeshivah of Flatbush volunteers who came in the night before and early that morning to assist our chefs.

And finally, we would also like to thank the following "Moms on a Mitzvah" team members that were not mentioned in the article: Fortune Mizrachi, Helen Massry, Jennifer Tawil, Kay Robin Ashkenazi, Linda Sedaka, Miriam Chammah, Renee Serouya, Rita Baily, and Shifra Levy.

We owe you all a hakarat hatov and much gratitude!

Thank You, 

Moms on a Mitzvah