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Past Articles:

•         Fastest 5K Run in a Two-person Camel Costume

On April 5, 2014 Robert Saunders and Lorrain Collins competed in a 5K race at Colchester Castle Park in the United Kingdom. What made them unique was that they ran the race suited up in a two-person camel costume. They set a world record by finishing the race in 25 minutes and 30 seconds.


•         Oldest Pig

Ernestine, a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig, is the oldest pig on record. She passed away on October 1, 2014 at the age of 23 years and 76 days.  She lived with her owners in Calgary, Canada since she was just 3 months old. 


•         Longest Fur on a Rabbit

This fluffy creature is a rabbit which has the record for the longest fur. 2-year-old Angora rabbit, Franchesca, a one-year-old English Angora rabbit from California, holds the world record for the longest fur on a rabbit. On August 17, 2014, strands of her hair were measured at 14.37 inches in length.


•         Most Balls Caught with Paws

Purin, a 9-year-old female beagle from Japan, holds the world record for “most balls caught by a dog with the paws in one minute.” On March 22, 2015, Purin caught 14 mini soccer balls in one minute.


•         Fastest Tortoise

Bertie the tortoise is listed as the “fastest tortoise in the world.” On July 9, 2014, she reached the speed of 0.92 feet per second on a specially designed racetrack in her exhibit. Bertie can be seen at the Adventure Valley children’s amusement park in the United Kingdom.


•         Most Bottle Caps Opened by a Parrot in One Minute

On Nov 1, 2014, Gordon, a 13-yer-old hyacinth macaw, set a new world record when he removed 12 bottle caps from glass soda bottles in one minute.