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By: Elan Kornblum & Hannah Levy

If you live in New York, chances are you’ve heard about some of the new kosher restaurants opening up near you. Every week there is word of a new restaurant opening, or two or even three. The kosher restaurant scene is experiencing a revolution and Great Kosher Restaurants International is at the forefront. Our mission is to report on all kosher happenings, not only in New York but around the world.

There is no longer the excuse that kosher food is not readily available, whether at home or abroad. The options are endless. There is no longer the stigma that a kosher restaurant is merely “getting by” on mediocre service and food because they are the only game in town. With the explosion of new restaurants on the scene, we now have an abundance of choices. If you want Wagyu Steak, Sushi Pizza (yes, that’s a thing), Cooking Channel featured Fish, Hibachi or even Authentic Texas BBQ, there is a place for you, and it just so happens to be kosher.

In this column we will be featuring the latest updates in the kosher dining scene, including restaurant openings, food trends and profiles of your favorite chefs. So, if you want to be the first of your friends and family to know about all the best in fine kosher dining, this column is the one to follow. You can also let us know which topics you would like to see featured. Send emails with questions and comments to info@gkrm.net.

Here’s a look at some of the most recent kosher restaurant openings in New York.

Amsterdam Burger Co.– Five Towns residents have been waiting for over 2 years for Amsterdam Burger Co. to open in their neighborhood. Sensing that there was a large interest in the restaurant, ABC had a soft opening late December serving only take out. They have since fully opened for dine-ins and take out. The menu is very similar to the one at their original Manhattan location, including their famous Breakfast Burger.  Amsterdam Burger Co. Five Towns is located at 490 Chestnut Street in Cedarhurst.

Brooklyn Steak Co.  – Brooklyn Steak Co. has been under the knife for the past few months, getting a full-on renovation. With a grand reopening in late January, the restaurant is now open and ready for hungry meat lovers. The redesign has made it home to vintage Brooklyn-inspired décor including mahogany doors, re-purposed
100-year-old steel window panes and ombre tiles. Chef Eric Acklowitz and his sous chef Denise are cooking up restaurant favorites including the famous BSC French Fry “Salad” plus a few more surprises. Brooklyn Steak Co. is located at 1316 Avenue M in Brooklyn.

Dougie’s– The Dougie’s chain we all know and love is coming to Avenue J in Brooklyn. There have been rumors floating around that Dougie’s was going to be taking the former Kosher Delight spot. Upon a further look, they are actually taking the spot a block away and across the street at 1316 Avenue J. The projected date of Dougie’s Brooklyn opening is March 2016 and we can’t wait to get our hands on some Poppers!

Jerusalem Steak House Express–The sleek new Jerusalem Steak House Express opened mid-January in Brooklyn. This is JSH’s second Brooklyn location. It will be more focused on take out, rather than dine-in. The Israeli style menu is simple and straight forward. Choose from a pita, baguette, laffa or platter with your choice of protein, dressing and salads. An open salad bar is included with all purchases. Jerusalem Steak House Express is located at 902 Kings Highway in Brooklyn.

Prime KO– With the closing of Raphael in Paris, Chef Edward Boarland will be bringing the restaurant’s Michelin star acclaimed flavors to New York at Prime KO as a guest chef. However, by the end of the month Prime KO will be reinvented as Prime West. Prime West will feature prix fixe dinners prepared by Chef Boarland in the upstairs dining room. This change will bring an unprecedented culinary experience to New York kosher dining. Prime West will also be getting a new menu with an updated sushi list, new cuts of meat and will offer an elegant twist on their signature Prime Grill dining options. Prime KO is located at 217 W. 85th Street in NYC.

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