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Interviews can be stressful on so many levels. No one enjoys feeling like they are being judged. Unfortunately, isn’t that what an interview is allabout? Some people dread an interview more than going to the dentist. There are many aspects of the interview that bring people anxiety. One of the more common things people report worrying about before an interview is How do I impress somebody I don’t even know?, This is a very understandable worry, but it’s important to remember that whenever we are put in a position that we cannot control we need to plan ahead. We need to take back some of the control so that we can feel more empowered walking into the unknown. In order to regain our confidence there are a few key points that we need to remember before going into an important interview.

Job Interview Tips

•Speak clearly and enthusiastically about your experiences and skills. Be professional and always be yourself.

• Be positive. Try to be friendly and sociable with everyone you come in contact with. It is important to every employer to see good social skills. 

• Research the company you are interviewing with, and be prepared to market your skills and experiences as they relate to the position you are interviewing for.

• Arrive early for the interview. Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes before your appointed time. Arriving late creates a bad first impression. 

• Bring extra resumes and alist of any questions you may have.  Do not be preoccupied with taking notes during the interview.

• After the interview, take time to write down: the names and titles (check spelling) of all your interviewers, key facts, and remaining questions. If you are interviewing regularly, this process will help you stay mentally organized and on top of your game.

Just remember that not every interview will be a success,  but know that with every experience there is something to learn which will help you the next time. Follow up the interview with a thank you e-mail. Employers will appreciate this gesture and take it as an indication of your interest in the position. Most importantly, don’t underestimate the power you gain by just being prepared. You would be surprised how many people get a second interview just because they have done their homework.

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