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By: Submitted By: S. S

One day, David takes the subway home from work. He tells his wife he will arrive at exactly 6:00 PM.
His wife left and was scheduled to arrive to pick him up at exactly 6:00 PM. David decides to take an earlier train, arriving at the station at 5:00 PM. He decides not to call his wife, but begins to walk toward home along the fastest route, knowing that's how his wife will drive. They meet somewhere along the route; he gets into the car; and they drive home. They arrive home 10 minutes earlier than planned. How long had the husband been walking when he was picked up by his wife?  

Last Month's Riddle: Lunch Order

Four coworkers order takeout for lunch and the total is $60.
The first person paid one-half of the sum of the amounts paid by the other teachers.
The second person paid one-third of the sum of the amounts paid by the other teachers.
The third person paid one-fourth of the sum of the amounts paid by the other teachers.
How much did the fourth person pay?   

Solution: The fourth person paid $13.

1st teacher: $20
2nd teacher: $15
3rd teacher: $12
4th teacher: $13

Solved by:   Yehoshua Nathan, Chani A., Sylvia, Victor Grazi, Daniela Blum, and Fay Chesir.  

Junior Riddle: Playoffs  


There are 50 teams entered in a single elimination tournament. Winners play until only one team is left. What is the total number of games that must be played? Do not count byes as games played.

Last Month's Junior Riddle: Chess

Mike and Eddie are both good chess players. They have completed five games and each has won the same number of games. There were no ties. How did this happen?

Solution: They didn't play each other.

Solved by:    Cheryl Chehebar, Ezra B. Shalom, Shimshy Bandman, Sarah Cohen, S. S., Chani A., M. Shweky, Nona Erani, Allan Shweky, Helen Shweky , Sally Shweky, Aaron Shweky, Jacqueline Shweky, Ruby Shweky, David Shweky, Betty Ghonoja, Yael Masri, Adina Buzagi, Esty Jaradah, Victor Grazi, Daniela Blum, Chaim Shabsi, Rafael Chemtob Fleischmann, Rafael Chemtob, and Dawn Green.