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Miriam Sasson

Forget about it!

Forget about… storing your spices near heat. Spice boxes situated next to your oven range? Radiator? Microwave exhaust fan? It may be too close for comfort, which means it’s no good for all those plastic canisters of seasonings. Spices, powders, and herbs release their flavors more quickly in the heat. If your spices feel at home in the fridge, take ‘em out to warm up around 30 minutes before use to regain their natural flavors and aromas. Bottom line, balance is best; when storing your spices, go for a cool, dry spot away from the heat.

Go for it!

That cake from Shabbat – don’t toss it out just yet! It’ll retain its fresh moisture if you store it with… half an apple! Yes, an apple a day keeps dryness away, from cakes, that is. Ditto for marshmallows too. Add half an apple (the other half, perhaps?) to a bag of hardened marshmallows and leave it alone for a day or two. You’ll be wowed how the white cubes turns as soft and gooey as on the day you bought them.

By the Number

76 percent

Water content in the brain.

What is one thing you should carry around with you wherever you go (besides your phone)? The answer is water – and lots of it! The water content of the human body is approximately 70 percent. That means if you weigh 150 pounds, 90 of those pounds is good old H20. The brain, specifically, is made up of 76 percent water. Other water content percentages include 74% in your heart, 83% in your kidneys, and 22% in your bones. Basically, the water we drink is being put to good use, and the daily 8 to 10 cups of water recommended by the experts should not wash over us too quickly.

Item of the Month

       Get a grip – on your spices!

       With the DecoBros Spice Gripper Clips strips, you’ll have your spices organized and easily accessible in no time at all! For under $10, you can own 30 spice grips that fit most standard round containers (1.5” to 1.75” diameter). Not only do they come with pre-applied bonding tape for easy application, but screws are also included for extra security. What’s great about these strips is that, though they come as five grips per strip, they can be tailored to fit your cabinet door or wall (i.e., four per strip). Perhaps the greatest advantage lies in the clear view of each spice bottle for quick and easy access.

Q and A

How can I keep my cucumbers fresh for longer?

The best way to store your cukes is in the warmest part of your fridge.  They should be dry, and kept in a plastic bag with holes to allow air to circulate inside. The vegetable drawer is the ideal place for your gherkins, Persians, or Kirby’s. In general, your best bet to keep your fruits and veggies lasting longer is to line those refrigerator drawers with paper towels to absorb excess moisture. Even if your cucumbers haven’t survived too many days, don’t feel bad. They only keep well for 3 to 5 days. Israeli salad fans – looks like you’ll be in the grocery store more often than you’d like.

Food for Thought

Honey. It sits soft, sweet, and sticky in the pantry without our even realizing the awesomeness of what’s buzzin’ behind that bottle. Bees have a sort of straw (proboscis tube) protruding from their heads through which they draw flower nectar. The nectar is stored in a sac near the bees’ intestines, where enzymes are secreted and help convert the nectar into the sweet stuff we know and love. To obtain enough nectar to produce a mere one pound of honey, a bee travels among flowers the equivalent of a trip around Earth three times!

(Source: 10,001 Food Facts, Chefs' Secrets & Household Hints by Dr. Myles H. Bader)