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Past Articles:

Fresh New Look & Design

A quick note to congratulate you on your 15th year anniversary and on the excellence of the new design of your magazine. It is very eye-appealing and engaging.  The graphics, the new columns, and the new layouts are outstanding. This new format will make me keep the magazine around for a long time. Kudos to everyone involved, especially your graphic designer. Oh – and the cover was so awesome!

Eddie A.

I was very impressed with the new design of the magazine. It was so much fun to read. The new version is very colorful, informative, and sleekly modern. I really enjoyed all the new columns, especially, The Great Kosher Restaurants and Have You Ever Wondered? I was also excited to see that Jidoh is back (although I did miss Sito). I’m already looking forward to next month’s edition. Mabrouk on a job well done!

Leslie S.                  

Although I did enjoy your 15th anniversary edition, I must admit that I was quite disappointed to see that some of the regular featured columns were not included. I missed “Sage advice,” “To your Health,” and “Life in the Big City.”  I especially missed “Incredible Stats & Facts,” as that was the first column my family and I turned to every month. I surely hope you plan on bringing these columns back in the next issue.

Alan F.

Style & Spirit

FINALLY! I was very happy (and surprised) to see that your magazine finally decided to include articles geared to the women of the community. Although it took you guys fifteen years to acknowledge that there are actually women in the community that read – all I can say is, it might have been worth the wait. The entire Style & Spirit section was terrific. The topics, design, and format were top-notch. I especially enjoyed the “Woman to Woman” interview with Sophia Cohen, the owner of Urban Pops. I do hope that this was not a one-time thing and that you intend to keep this section in every month. This is definitely a step in the right direction. Up until now, the religious women in our community felt totally ignored.

Robin K.

Love the new addition of a woman’s section (Style & Spirit) in the magazine! Seems like you covered all the bases – parenting, organizing tips, advice, recipes, kitchen tips, and Shaatra. Love the concept of a one-on-one interview (Woman to Woman). My entire family enjoyed all the featured columns in the section, even my husband. My favorite column was “The Little Things” by L. Azar. Mazel tov on your first 15 years – may you still be celebrating - 100 years from now.

Cheryl B.

Donald Trump

After reading last month’s article titled The Secret Behind Donald Trump’s Success in the Polls I have come to the conclusion that the world has gone mad. I can’t even imagine Donald Trump as President of the United States, no less say it with a straight face. This is a guy who believes that building a wall around the U.S. is a practical solution to immigration; a guy who tells us that most violent crime in our cities are committed by Hispanics; a guy who on the one hand complains that we've wasted trillions in the Middle East, and could have spent it on ourselves, while he proposes a budget that is itself a fiscal disaster. All I can say is that if he does win, it is a sure sign that the Mashiah is coming.

Martin Z.


The "secret" to Trump's success is simple: he has a more or less coherent platform where his opponent's don't. Trump simply saw an opening in a political field which is afraid to tackle the immigration issue. There is a very big number of voters who consider Obama's approach to immigration (or trade with China) bad; these voters want to see an alternative. Trump gives it; other Republican candidates don't.

As a result, it is only logical that Trump is most popular with working class males without a college education, who directly compete with illegal immigrants and indirectly with underpriced imports. They, for once, are voting in their best self-interest. Until someone offers them a better deal, Trump is very likely to win the nomination, if not the presidency.

Morris L.