YESHIVAT LEV TORAH Sponsors Grand Siyum and Special Lag Ba'omer Event

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Yeshivat Lev Torah was founded with the goal of producing the next generation of community members who are committed to Torah study and practice, and who conduct themselves with sterling character, integrity and responsibility. The yeshiva, which serves community children from nursery through eighth grade, strives to provide its students with a first rate religious studies program alongside an outstanding general studies curriculum, laying the foundation for a life of Torah devotion and professional success.

One of the credos that characterize the culture and mindset of the yeshiva’s administration and staff is that standing still means falling backwards. And so the yeshiva constantly searches for ways to improve and build upon its success, rather than sit on its laurels and complacently maintain the status quo. The curriculum, performance standards and extracurricular activities are always being evaluated, reevaluated and enhanced, to ensure that the students of Lev Torah are receiving the absolute best Jewish education has to offer.

Educate, Not Dictate

Under the direction of its dynamic menahel, Rabbi Yitzchak Greenblatt, the devoted faculty excites and inspires its students with a love for learning, both in and out of the classroom.

The Rosh Yeshivah of Lev Torah is Rabbi Raymond Beyda, a renowned scholar, educator and leader who is recognized throughout our community and well beyond for his knowledge of Torah and unique ability to teach it.  Rabbi Beyda spends six days a week in the school, working tirelessly to expand the programs and to teach the students, both one-on-one and in small groups.

“We try to educate, not to dictate,” Rabbi Beyda explains. “Yes, we have rules and discipline, but we try to instill in our boys the desire to do well and to learn to love the gift of the ages – our holy Torah.” Yeshivat Lev Torah is proud and fortunate that Rabbi Beyda’s talents and energies are being channeled towards its continued success. 

General Studies Principal Mr. Leonard Zeplin, speaks with pride about Lev Torah’s outstanding academic standards – while humbly omitting the fact that it is his experience and knowledge that have helped to make the yeshiva a premier community institution.

“Our unique current events program, Science Fair, and especially our new computer lab now equal standards on par with the best community schools,” he enthuses. The result, he says, has been competition for enrollment in the best community high schools,

On the topic of competition, Lev Torah strongly believes that students should be prepared already at an early age for the kind of competition they will encounter when seeking entry into the increasingly competitive workforce.  They enjoy healthy competition in exciting programs such as the parashah bee, a spelling bee, and a berachah bee, and participate in numerous challenging educational projects throughout the year. Participation in the yeshiva’s new afterschool basketball/phys-ed program is likewise incentive-based, offering students yet another opportunity to develop healthy and wholesome competition skills.  

“A True Kiddush Hashem

Students at Lev Torah are given the unique privilege of meeting and interacting with great rabbinical leaders of the Sephardic world, from both here in Brooklyn and Israel. Many prominent rabbis have graced Lev Torah’s auditorium with their uplifting words and sound guidance. These luminaries inspire the students to learn with enthusiasm, and serve as models of greatness for them to emulate. 

Rabbi Shemuel Pinhasi of Jerusalem, a world-renowned authority on Sephardic halachah, remarked during his visit to Lev Torah, “This institution is a true kiddush Hashem.”  

Rabbi Yosef Hamra, former Chief Rabbi of Damascus, went so far as to compare the standards of Lev Torah with those of yeshivot in the old country: “It is heartwarming to see our American youth learning on par with our days in Syria.” 

Tears filled the eyes of Rabbi Yitzchak Berachah, Rosh Yeshivat Ateret Yitzchak, as he went from room to room and was surrounded by excited boys who kissed his hand and received his blessings. 

Rabbi David Ozeri of Yad Yosef Torah Center said, “For weeks after I visited Yeshivat Lev Torah it was the topic of conversation with almost everyone I met. They are doing a special job in that school.” 

Bringing Current Events to Life

Yeshivat Lev Torah firmly believes in the importance of providing students with a comprehensive, well-rounded education, and in their becoming familiar with, and aware of, the world around us. This belief is the concept underlying the yeshiva’s rich and thorough current events program, in which the students learn about what transpires around the world and the issues currently facing not just the Jewish community, but the world at large. The unique program brings current events to life with slides, in-depth discussions, and special projects focusing on important news stories.  

Of course, understanding the world around us requires understanding how we got here, and so Lev Torah affords great importance to the study of history. The school’s ambitious Holocaust program brought the boys back to the time when living as a Jew entailed great hardship and danger. They gained a newfound sense of appreciation for the freedoms we enjoy, which motivates them to perform more mitzvot and more acts of hesed.  

Lev Torah provides a full Judaic studies program on Sundays, as well as a new Sunday afternoon athletic program run by the school’s extracurricular activities director, Mr.Yeshaya Samet. 

Lev Torah for Girls

Last year, Yeshivat Lev Torah embarked upon a new venture, launching a dynamic educational program for girls. The preschool building on Avenue Z is abuzz with excitement, as the program thrives under the outstanding direction of Mrs. Diane Shwekey. Three grades of girls are now learning a comprehensive double curriculum that matches or exceeds that which is being offered by other community girls’ schools. Enrollment is underway for the 2016-2017 academic year, and a third grade is being added. Lev Torah is excited to announce that the girls program is moving to its new facility to accommodate its rapid growth.  

“I’m so impressed with how much my little girl knows!” one mother exclaimed. “She already says berachot and knows our holidays and all the different mitzvot and customs each holy day presents.” 

“It’s exciting to spend time with my daughter who is reading Hebrew and English better than her siblings did in the same grade,” another mother said. 

Morah Lisa Jrada Chams has exerted extreme efforts to jumpstart Lev Torah’s girls program. She reports that after opening in high gear, the program has been building momentum day by day, and all visitors leave the school impressed.  

Lev Torah is committed to building our community’s future on the foundations of its illustrious past, to instilling within our children a love of Torah and tradition, and to building refined characters and a devotion to the highest Torah ideals. Its goal is to provide the most comprehensive and well-rounded education, for an affordable price.

The yeshiva is proud to invite parents to see firsthand what Lev Torah is all about, to meet its loving and professional staff, learn about the outstanding Judaic and secular studies programs, and get a feel for the excitement of its extracurricular activities. Our community’s future is being built within the walls of Yeshivat Lev Torah, and all are welcome to come be a part of it.

For more information about Yeshivat Lev Torah, enrollment or sponsorship opportunities, please text (646)812-2165 or email .

Lev Torah Announces Grand Siyum & A Special Lag Ba'omer Event 

Yeshivat Lev Torah is thrilled to announce a special community-wide learning program culminating with a festive siyum celebration on Lag Ba’omer.

The night of Lag Ba’Omer is when the fire of Torah burns as strong as ever. From Meron to the streets of Brooklyn, and in Jewish communities worldwide, the night of Lag Ba’omer is a time for celebrating our dedication to the learning and teaching of the Torah. While most people celebrate with the symbol of a bonfire, Yeshivat Lev Torah invites the community to join it in celebrating this special occasion through the study of Torah. The 740 pages comprising the Moed section of the Talmud will be studied from now until Lag Ba’omer, with every participant signing up to study the pages of his choice, and learning the material at his own pace. On Lag Ba’omer, all participants will join together to complete the study of their chosen sections, and to then celebrate this glorious achievement and the fire of Torah that continues to burn within the hearts of the Jewish People.

The learning, the lighting ceremony, the festive se’udat mitzvah, the music and the dancing will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.

Community members young and old are invited to take part in this unique project of learning and celebration. The cost for joining is $260. This is a special opportunity for the entire community to join together for the honor of Torah, and to see how much can be achieved when we join hands and each do our share. 

To sign up, or for additional information about the program or sponsorship opportunities, please text (646)812-2165 or email .