Past Articles:

By: Marie Torgueman

Do you sometimes feel that your space is too small to store everything? The good news is that the place you’re in probably isn’t as cramped as you think. There are many ways to expand your storage space without actually doing an expensive addition to your home. You just have to take a better look around for unused or underutilized space.

Think vertically!  Take advantage of your unused wall space above dressers, closets, doors, and furniture, where shelving can be added for more storage. Shelving should be made adjustable in most places to get the most out of your vertical space. Adjust shelves to accommodate the space you need so that you’re not wasting too much unused space between shelves. Add as many shelves as you can, and as high up as you can. Store rarely used items on the highest shelves, but make sure they’re not completely out of sight and inaccessible. My rule of thumb is this: If you can see too much of the walls inside your closet or cabinet, then you’re probably wasting space. You may also want to rethink some of your furniture for better storage solutions. Choose nightstands, beds, coffee tables, and ottomans with large drawers or hidden compartments for added storage space.

Go ahead and find your additional space with these clever tips:

In the Kitchen:

1.      Replace short cabinets with taller ones to go as high as your ceiling, and add extra shelves inside existing cabinets.

2.      Add cup hooks under a shelf to hold mugs and tea cups to maximize the space between shelves.

In the Bathroom:

1.      Replace a small medicine cabinet with a larger one with better storage inside. They usually come right out of the wall, and a larger one can be installed in its place.

2.      Stack or roll towels on a floating shelf or a pretty basket under the sink.

In the Bedroom:

1.      You can store a lot under your beds in specially made large under bed storage containers. (Get the ones with lids to keep dust out.)

2.      Create a tower of shoe drawers for added shoe storage in a dead closet area.

3.      Make sure all of your hangers are uniform. You’d be surprised at how much hanging space is lost when all the hangers are different.