Past Articles:

Mickey Kairey

Mickey Kairey, a”h, was one of those few individuals blessed with the beautiful midda of ‘chen’ (grace or favor).  When you meet people with chen, you immediately realize there is something very special about them and usually feel spiritually attracted to them. Mickey was one of these very special people. He had the gift of making everyone around him feel great.

Whenever Mickey walked into a room, he made every person around him smile. Just thinking of him brings an instantaneous smile to my face. Everyone was always so happy to see and greet him.

King Solomon in the Book of Proverbs (5:19) praises the Torah for bringing chen upon all who study it. In other words, Torah education draws out your inner beauty; a beauty that is a function of your relationship with Hashem, which also depends on how well you relate to yourself, your friends, your community, and the world. Mickey Kairey was a living testimony of this proverb.

He will surely be missed by the entire community.

Alan T.

R’ Shimon Cohen

The article about the passing of Rabbi Shimon Cohen, zt”l, (Rabbi Shimon Cohen – Scholar, Mentor, Rebbe, and Friend) really touched me. I had the privilege of knowing him for many years. R’ Shimon had the unique ability to make everyone around him feel special and important. For those who knew him, what a loss! For those who didn’t, what a loss not to have known him!

Moshe L.

The BDS Movement

Last month’s article entitled Unmasking the BDS Movement, summarized the hypocrisy of the BDS movement so well. BDS founders have stated categorically that their goal is the destruction of the State of Israel. Their rallying cry is, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!” Jews living in Israel would be subject to a Palestinian state if the BDS movement prevails.

How would Jews be treated in such a state? Let’s look at how the Palestinian Authority (PA) now treats Jews. Any Arab who sells land to Jews incurs the death penalty. Jews cannot even enter safely into certain PA areas. Who can forget the innocent man who accidentally entered such an area and was literally torn to pieces by a mob? The PA pays a stipend to Palestinians jailed by Israel for terrorist acts. Yes, that’s right: The Palestinian government pays their people for murdering innocent Israeli civilians!

The boycott movement is not about creating a two-state solution. Rather, the goal is to create a single state controlled by Palestinians, as BDS supporters have reiterated again and again. BDS claims the right to self-determination, but insists that Jews have no such right, though Israel is the ancestral Jewish homeland – the only one in the world.

The BDS movement is not a freedom movement; it is a movement to destroy the only democratic state in the Middle East and get rid of the Jews who live there.

Victoria S.

Great Kosher Dining

The new feature, Great Kosher Dining with Elan Kornblum, is such a treat! My husband and I dine out often, and so we look forward to reading this column every month. From learning about the openings of new kosher restaurants in the area, to absorbing the latest tips and dining trends, this is simply fantastic! We especially enjoyed last month’s subject - kosher restaurants opened during Pesach. Our only complaint is that it is only a one-page column. We would love to see this feature expanded.

Lana E.

Thank you for an always interesting Shaatra column. I could relate to the
question in the previous issue of how to store cucumbers. I’ve had this problem too; my
cucumbers always got soft and rotten in the fridge bin.  Now I started to keep them on the counter with the tomatoes, and they stay firm and fresh for a couple of weeks.

Sully K.

Shemot Alert

On page 20 in last month’s issue there is an ad with the name of Hashem. Please handle this page of the magazine as shemot. We apologize for the oversight.