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By: Esther Sassoon

Not only are they gorgeous, but chocolate truffles are absolutely, undisputedly, the most delicious confection there is. Follow these instructions and you will soon be very proud of the truffles you create!

Tools Needed

A double boiler for melting chocolate. (I highly recommend the Wilton electric chocolate melting pot.).
Various chocolate truffle molds in a variety of shapes. (I recommend using silicone molds for a nicer finish).

2 bars of baking chocolate, 
4 tspns of Canola Oil
1 bar of good quality chocolate (at least 60% cacao) 
1/2 cup of peanut butter 
1/2 cup of confectioners sugar
Chopped peanuts for garnish

Caramel cream, parve or dairy
Whole almonds 
White chocolate for garnish
Caramel chips for garnish

Directions for Peanut Butter Truffles:
1. With a spoon, mix confectioners sugar and peanut butter together. It should reach a doughy consistency, at which point you may want to start using your hands. 
2. Form small balls, about half an inch in size, with the peanut butter "dough." Set aside.
3. Break up baking chocolate into squares and place into pot.
4. Place good quality chocolate into the pot and stir both together. Add four tspns of oil to the chocolate to give it a more smooth consistency. 
5. Fill molds to the top with chocolate. Let sit for three minutes at room temperature. 
6. While the center of chocolate looks runny, pour chocolate out of the mold, leaving a hollow center. 
7. Place one peanut butter ball in each cavity.
8. Fill the rest of the mold with chocolate to cover the filling.
Freeze for five minutes

For Caramel Truffles:
Melt and fill chocolate molds as described above. Pipe caramel into hollows of chocolate mold. Cover the remainder with melted chocolate. Let chill for five minutes.

For Almond Truffles:
Repeat steps as described above. Fill hollows with whole almonds, cover with chocolate and freeze.

1. Melt caramel chips over double boiler. Add oil a teaspoon at a time and stir until chocolate is the consistency of chocolate syrup. Place chocolate in a Ziploc bag. Cut off a tiny edge of the corner. 
Drizzle chocolate from the Ziploc bag onto chocolate truffles.
2. Using some melted chocolate as glue, paste various chopped nuts atop the truffles.


1.       Chocolate can be melted in the microwave at 20- second intervals. Stirring should occur between intervals.

2.       2. Water is melted chocolate’s enemy! If even a drop of water touches the chocolate, it can affect the entire consistency. If water does come into contact with it accidentally, add oil and stir until clumps are gone.

3.       3. After chocolate is placed into mold, tap mold a few times on the counter to rid your final product of air bubbles.

Try the recipes for these chocolate truffles, or create your own fillings.  The possibilities are endless! Enjoy!