Past Articles:

On March 20th 2016,
Senator Simcha Felder was
the featured guest at the home of Ronald Tawil, Co-Chairman of the Sephardic Community Federation (SCF). The event provided guests with an opportunity to thank Senator Felder for his leadership
and close friendship with
the community.

Senator Felder has always been a tremendous advocate for our community, especially where our children are concerned. The Senator successfully fought for and secured funding for school transportation, enabling parents to receive fully-funded, “safety first,”
door-to-door schoolbus services for their children. Last year, thanks in part to Senator Felder, an additional $4.5 million dollars was included in the New York state budget, providing busing for students in private schools who stay later than 4:00 p.m. This success of thisnew funding encouraged more schools to apply and in time the total funding was increased to $12.6 million. Previously, parents were forced to pay out-of-pocket for after-school bus service or had to make other arrangements to ensure their children returned home from school safely – so this was a welcome change.

Senator Felder has also been a tremendous advocate for children with special needs. For too long, New York City parents of children with special needs have suffered needlessly through endless litigation, andfinancial and educational uncertainty. The Senator took the lead in the Senate for the sole purpose of helping parents of special education children, as the prime sponsor of a bill that would help streamline the process of special education placements. Senator Felder has shown an unrelenting determination to help those less fortunate, ensuring that students with disabilities receive appropriate placements and timely reimbursements for their educational costs. This has helped stop the New York City DOE from hiring armies of attorneys (as they have done in the past) in order to challenge every single Individualized Educational Program that recommended placement in non-public schools. His efforts have saved literally thousands of families many, many thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Ronald Tawil thanked Senator Felder for always being available to assist the community in any and every way. “I have known and admired Senator Simcha Felder for many years and have worked closely with him on many matters concerning our community. He has always responded to our needs with care, concern and compassion,” he said.

The Senator understands just how vital our social services organizations are in servicing the needs of our community. Working alongside the SCF, Simcha has secured various grants for Sephardic Bikur Holim over the years, through which some of their crucial programs and services are funded.

Senator Felder has a proven record of accomplishment. His persistence, dedication and work ethic are traits that our community has grown to depend on.