Past Articles:

Very “Interest”-ing

As always, I found Rabbi Eli J. Mansour's article on the prohibition of interest both fascinating and informative.  A point that was not in the article but I believe is worth mentioning is that the prohibition of interest makes for a more fair society. When capital can only be used for investment purposes, or to pay for labor and cannot be used to find ways to earn additional income, the gap between the wealthy and the poor decreases significantly. This also aligns the interest of the capitalist and his employees, as money is used to pay the laborer.

Morris F.

Faces of Success

Last month’s cover story, ‘Faces of Success’, was beautifully written and brought to light many positive attributes about the women of our community. While on one hand, I do believe that the Propel Network is a necessary and worthy program, on the other hand, I feel that it is unfortunate that we are in need of this type of organization in our community.

In Judaism, the woman of the home is of elevated stature – as it is the woman who is the spiritual influence of the home. The role of the woman is not only being a wife and mother and keeper of the household. As the matriarch of the family, she is the one who is depended upon for nurturing, guidance, love, support, and wisdom. Judaism has great respect for the importance of this role and the spiritual influence that the woman has over her family.

You would think this would make any woman feel empowered. Yet, many people do not realize or appreciate the importance of the Jewish homemaker. It is discouraging to read that women need to have a career in order to feel empowered or important.

Of course, in certain cases such as when a dual income is really necessary, or if the woman is a single parent, an organization such as The Propel Network is definitely needed.

So, although it should not be the first choice, it is good to know that, when necessary, a solid and successful option is available to assist the women of our community. Thank you Propel Network – and keep up the good work!

Helen I.

Remembering Al Anteby, a”h

I would like to thank you for the wonderful article you wrote about my late husband, Al Anteby.

I was blessed to have been part of our loving and fulfilling marriage. I'd like to clarify one concept that was in the article.   Yes, white is white and black is black, but, it is the gray that we are looking for.   At that point, it has become a combination of the two opinions thereby reaching a compromise.    We're not looking for a winner, it's not a matter of who has the last word, instead, it becomes a part of each of us. One does not lose a part of himself (herself) in a compromise, instead it becomes a part of each other - you come become winners!


Ruth Anteby


I love your magazine. Every single page is written to perfection. I also love the new format because it is very clear and exciting. I have a suggestion to make your magazine even more amazing than it already is. Just like there is an ‘Ask Jido,’ ‘Ask Sito,’ and ‘Sage Advice’ column, it would be really great if you had an advice column for kids and teens. Many kids I know could really use a listening ear. It could even be a kid-to-kid kind of thing. This new addition would really be like adding a cherry atop a sundae. Thank you!

M. Lati


It is important that everyone is aware of a dangerous trend which is putting our women and children in grave danger. The Target chain now allows men to use women’s bathrooms. Over the last 16 months or so, dozens of stories have highlighted the scary aftermath of such dangerous policies.

Instead of purchasing from Target, the other day, I paid $50 more for an item, and went elsewhere. I did so gladly, so that Target and other like-minded retailers would feel the pinch and realize that they cannot let women and children feel at risk when using a dressing room or a bathroom. 

Please pass it on. 

Linda Sadacka  


Moms on a Mitzvah

Ask Jido

Thank you for bringing back the ‘Ask Jido’ column. I really appreciate his wisdom and sage advice every month. I also find the letters to the editor, the community news articles, and Torah-related topics very interesting. Keep up the good work!

Raquel B.