Past Articles:

By: Esther Sassoon

This special Shavuot dessert is especially popular with kids. You can even prepare it with them as you count down the days to the holiday.


For the Cake Layer:
1 chocolate cake mix
3 eggs 
3/4 cup of water 
1/2 cup of oil
Prepare cake mix as instructed on the back of the box

For the Ice Cream:
For dairy ice cream, use your favorite brand and flavor.
For parve ice cream, try to use one that tastes as if it’s dairy.
6 eggs
2 cups of sugar
2 small cartons of Rich Whip, already whipped
2 cups of soy milk
2 tspns of vanilla
Preferred flavoring (such as crushed Oreos, peanut butter, or chocolate chips)


1.       Beat eggs and sugar in a high quality mixer for six minutes at high speed

2.       Add whipped-up whip cream, soy milk and vanilla. Mix for one minute.

3.       Freeze in a plastic container for two hours. At this point you can add the topping and mix it in thoroughly by hand. Freeze for two more hours.

To Form the Mountain:
1. Line a mixing bowl with Plastic Wrap.
2. Break up cake into crumbs and press on the entire interior surface of the bowl, along the plastic lining.
3. Add ice cream to the bowl, filling it up completely.
4. Freeze for four hours.
5. Once fully frozen, remove from freezer and lay bowl on a large plate upside down. After a few minutes, release the cake onto the plate from the bowl.

6. Remove plastic.

Required To Decorate Har Sinai:
2 cartons of whip cream whipped
1 bar of baking chocolate 
Toasted coconut
Chocolate Torah Lollipop mold and sticks
Piping bags, star tip, and leaf tip
Food coloring


1.       Ice the outside of mountain with whip cream. 

2.       Pat on toasted coconut.

3.       Color a few tablespoons of whip cream with pink food coloring and a few tablespoons of whip cream with green food coloring. Insert piping bags into whip cream. Pipe flowers with star tip all over mountain, or as desired. Pipe leaves. 

4.       Melt chocolate over double boiler. Pour into Torah mold. Insert stick (I only put one Torah on the cake, but I make enough lollipops for all the kids, so as to avoid fighting).

5.       Refrigerate for two minutes. Remove from mold and insert on top of the mountain.

6.       Thaw a half hour before serving. Enjoy!