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Past Articles:

By: Marie Torgueman

Maintaining a clean and organized space creates a beautiful and efficient home environment. Implement any of these simple solutions and notice the difference!

·        Use large safety pins to keep sock pairs together in the washing machine.

·        Hang a towel bar in your closet for scarves or jewelry.

·        Cut pool noodles or stuff rolled up magazines into tall boots to keep their shape.

·        As a preventative measure, remove plastic after dry cleaning clothing. Trapped moisture can cause fibers to dry out and yellow the fabric.

·        Stick a magnetic strip discretely underneath a medicine cabinet to hold tweezers and clippers.

·        When filling in your family calendar, assign a specific color to each family member. This way you can easily tell who the appointment is for.

·        Clean stainless steel appliances with baby oil and enjoy the shine.

·        Disinfect sponges by squeezing out the water and placing them in the microwave on high for one minute. This will kill any bacteria that resided there.

·        Clean windows only on a cloudy day so the cleaning solution doesn’t  leave streaks when it dries.

·        Clean your microwave with a bowl of water and sliced lemon. Cook on high for two minutes and easily wipe away the mess.

·        Use an egg carton for an inexpensive way to store jewelry.

·        Gently rub a walnut onto wood furniture to remove scratches and scuffs.

·        Instead of wasting small pieces of wrapping paper, shred or cut them into thin strips for colorful gift bag stuffing.