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Past Articles:

The Propel Network

The following is a response to a letter from a reader named Helen that appeared in last month’s issue.

Dear Helen,

It is heartwarming to know that you - like hundreds of women in our community - feel that "Propel Network is a necessary and worthy program.” I wanted to take the opportunity to respond to your concerns. 

It is most certainty true that Jewish women are of elevated stature. The pride that we feel, as Jewish matriarchs to our families, is indescribable. In this way, we are already empowered by Hashem.  The question is, why stop there?  I am the proud mother of six children, B”H, and the wife of a wonderful and loving husband. I am also the proud Executive Director of Propel Network. Like many women in our community, I choose to work; partially because I have skills to offer that can help other people, and partially because there is nothing wrong with earning an income.  Does that make me feel even more “empowered?”  Yes, since with Hashem’s guidance and my family’s encouragement I am making choices that help my husband, my family, and my community. My choices benefit everyone that I love. 

Helen, I admire - and share - your pride for the women in our community, and I am very grateful that you can appreciate the potential our organization holds for our families and our community’s financial well-being. 


Rebecca Harary

Executive Director

Propel Network, Inc.

Sucked into the Smartphone

Last month’s article about the negative effect smart phones are having on our children conveyed an important message. I, too, believe we should limit smart phone usage. One way to do that is to ban them during school hours. After all, why do children need to have their phones with them while they are in school? If a child is in school, they do not need to be contacted. If there is an emergency, parents can call the school office or drive there themselves. Smart phones distract kids from their schoolwork. Many studies have shown today’s new phones, with all the bells and whistles, lead to shorter attention spans in children. We need to really rethink what we are doing to our kids before it is too late.

Max T.

The Science is In

Last issue’s article about how Torah laws promote healthy living was really eye-opening! I always knew that the Torah provided spiritual benefits but I did not realize it provided so many physical benefits as well. It is pretty remarkable how so many scientific discoveries mentioned in the Torah were only discovered rather recently. It just goes to show that the Torah is unquestionably divine, as no human could have had such knowledge and written about it as early as thousands of years ago. 

Chaim B.

One Smart Cookie!

I love baking and I really enjoy Esther Sassoon’s dessert column, “One Smart Cookie!” Even though I’m an avid baker, sometimes I have trouble coming up with interesting ideas for new desserts. That is why I look forward to Esther’s column every month. Besides the fact that her dessert recipes and decorating tips are so creative (and tasty), they give me great inspiration for creating new sweets that I can bake for my family and guests. Last month’s dessert, the Har Sinai Ice Cream Bombe, was a huge hit in my home. Thanks!

Lucy G.

Ask Jido

Thank you for bringing back the ‘Ask Jido’ column. I really appreciate his wisdom and sage advice every month. I also find the letters to the editor, the community news articles, and Torah-related topics very interesting. Keep up the good work! 

Raquel B.