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By: Elan Kornblum, A.k.a. “the Restaurant Guy”

From meat pizza pies to barbecue ribs, now’s the time to go out and dine! Explore your neighborhood locally or go on an adventure outside of town. There are plenty of options to choose from.


Prime Pizza & Grill
The Prime Hospitality Group have reopened their Prime Pizza location which was formerly Pizza da Solo and later the Prime Chefs Club Room. The new store, called Prime Pizza and Grill, is now serving unique meat pizzas and flatbreads as well as traditional grill items. Some pizzas include dairy free cheeses like Almond Ricotta and Soy Mozzarella. Customers can also enjoy Charcuterie like Beef and Duck Prosciutto, Bresaola, Salami and “Pepperoni”. If you are looking for a unique pizza experience, Prime Pizza & Grill is just the thing! Supervision under OU Glatt. Located at 1202 Avenue J in Brooklyn. 

Main House BBQ Smokehouse
Coming soon to Mill Basin, this Texas-style BBQ joint has a modern twist. Serving up premium craft beers on tap, this is a much anticipated restaurant opening for the area. Main House BBQ will be located at 6001 Strickland Avenue near Strike 10 Lanes bowling alley. That way, you can both brush up on your spin and get your BBQ fix. Under the supervision of the OK.

Sushi Fussion– The Sushi Fussion
that we all know and love in Flushing, Forest Hills, Great Neck and Manhattan is now open in Brooklyn! Located at 722 Kings Highway, this
new branch will serve sushi and meat dishes including Hibachi made items. Opening day is set for June 15th. Under the supervision of the OK.


Citron & Rose Tavern & Market– The New Tavern, a Main Line restaurant standby since the 30’s, has closed and will be reopening as a kosher restaurant and market. David Magerman, owner of popular kosher Philadelphia restaurants like C&R Kitchen and The Dairy, purchased the space and plans to reopen it as Citron & Rose Tavern & Market. The plan is to serve C&R dishes as well as kosher versions of classic New Tavern dishes. The market part of the restaurant will include a kosher take-out section. Former owner Nick Zarvalas will be staying on to advise. The venue will also be available to host events and parties.


Evita Grill Argentinian Steakhouse– We revealed on our Facebook group Great Kosher Restaurant Foodies, that Elias Michel Barnatan, the restaurant owner of Pi-Chi-Klin in Buenos Aires, is opening an Argentinian steakhouse in Chicago. The name Evita Grill is an ode to Argentina (but don’t cry for her). Fast progress is being made and the expected opening is sometime in July. Evita Grill will be located at 6112 N Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, IL.


MeaToast – A new kosher restaurant, called MeaToast is now open at 222 – 71st Street, between Collins and Harding Avenue. Located in North Beach (or NoBe) the venue is the only kosher dining option in the area, which is  in the middle of popular Miami Beach and Surfside. Late-night orders and deliveries will be made a priority. Although it’s rare that a Miami restaurant opens after the season is over, we welcome this
new development!


Origin Cafe– Origin Cafe, a fresh and fully organic restaurant is a new hot spot to try out on Pico. The cafe is fully on board with the farm-to-table concept. Chef Aaron prides himself on serving up both diverse and distinct dishes that are sure to be memorable and savory. The current menu features a large variety of tea, fresh squeezed juices and coffee. Also consider their fresh and fun take on classic and favorite Israeli dishes. Options include Sabich, Shakshuka, and Mission Fig Salad with Blue Cheese and Honey Balsamic Vinaigrette. Origin Cafe is located at 8532 West Pico Boulevard in Los Angeles, California.

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