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Forget about… consuming fatty foods too late at night. If you’re going to eat those fattening foods, avoid doing so before bed. Late-night snacks and meals that are high in fat mean lots of hard work for your digestive system, and that means poor sleep patterns for you. So, get a good night’s sleep, and limit the fatty stuff to breakfast, lunch, or an early dinner.

Here’s a multiple-choice challenge for you: Where do you store your perfumes?

a.On a pretty tray atop your dresser.

b.In your bedroom closet.

c.In the bathroom.

d.Inside the refrigerator.

If you chose d., you’re right on! The fridge is the best place to store any of your chemical-filled products. That includes nail polish and hydrogen peroxide, too. Placing these items in the fridge will keep chemicals active, retaining their potency or smell for a longer time period. So move the milk and eggs on over and make room for your toiletries!

This one’s for you, all of you salad lovers out there! Introducing the Ziggler Citrus Sprayer! Costing around $5.00, this citrus sprayer apparatus allows you to easily squeeze fresh lemon “straight from the source”
onto your salads or favorite dishes.
No need to cop out by using juice from a bottle or pull out your lemon juicer (if you even own one) to eke out some of the sour liquid. Just pop the Ziggler Sprayer directly into the lemon and give it a spritz or two. The sprayer also maximizes the amount of juice you’ll get out of your lemon. There are two sizes included in the set for use in citrus fruits as well like grapefruits and oranges. You’ll also find a pedestal dish perfect for resting your lemon.

The teaspoons of fat consumed by someone eating a one-ounce
bag of potato chips

Turns out some of us aren’t reading the nutrition facts carefully enough. A measly handful of chips from this wee, shimmering, snack bag can contain up to two teaspoons of fat! The problem really begins when you dip your hands into a giant bag and keep going back for more. Time flies when you’re eating! After just a few minutes, you very well could have finished three ounces of potato chips, equaling six teaspoons of fat. Ugggh!

How do I pick out a good quality, ripe cantaloupe?

Here are several tips that should help you sweat no more when selecting a cantaloupe:

Even though they can be purchased year round, cantaloupes are in season from June through September. Go for a smooth, round ball with an even yellowy netting. You want the orange melon to feel firm but soft at the “belly button.” Do not purchase a melon with the stem still attached. A ripe cantaloupe will have a sweet aroma and its seeds will rattle upon being shaken. If you purchased an unripe cantaloupe, allow it to ripen at room temperature and then proceed to put it in the refrigerator.

It bears mentioning that cantaloupes have several health benefits: They have been known to reduce fever, blood pressure, arthritis symptoms, bladder problems, and constipation. So enjoy your cantaloupe and the health benefits that come along with it!

Thanks to Alexander P. Anderson, millions around the world enjoy a variety of puffed cereals. In the early 1900s, he experimented with little grains and their starches, coming up with a high-pressure cooking method that  allows water vapor to puff them up.   The Quaker company produced the first ever cereal, which was Introduced as a snack at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair, In 1905, the stuff hit supermarkets and was finally marketed as a breakfast “cold cereal.”