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By: Marie Torgueman

Five Apps to Help You Organize Your Fridge and Pantry

We spend a lot of time and money buying groceries, so it’s important that they don’t go to waste. According to the USDA, Americans waste about 40 percent of food each year, and the average family ends up throwing away around 20 pounds of food each month. Chances are you don’t have time to remember when you bought everything and how long everything will last until it spoils, so here are a few handy “pantry apps” to help you manage your food inventory.

* Fridge Pal:This free app tracks groceries in your fridge and freezer by letting you scan the barcodes to create shopping lists and sort items by shopping aisle. It also notifies you when your groceries expire or when you’re running low on something, and virtually transfers items from your grocery list into your pantry or fridge.

* Epicurious: This app helps you plan your meals from the groceries you have available. Just enter a food ingredient you want to use, and it will provide a step-by-step recipe so you can use it.

* Best Before: This app scans barcodes and automatically finds the name and expiration dates. It can also help with produce that can’t be scanned by providing an average life span so you know how long you have until your produce goes bad. This app can also be used to track your medicine cabinet for expiration and refill dates.

* Green Egg Shopper: Creates shopping lists and saves old shopping lists so you can reuse them. For instance, you can look up last year’s holiday list to plan for this year. It even keeps track of prices of items, how much you spent last month, and the category on which you spent the most money.

* Grocery King: This app is like a virtual supermarket catalog, with thousands of built-in photos of everyday items from 24 categories and subcategories. It helps you collect and organize recipes and adds recipe ingredients to your shopping list with a single tap. It tracks expiration dates and also digitizes your rewards cards and coupons.

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