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By: Ami Sasson

On Sunday night, August 21, Mikdash Melech Jerusalem, a pioneer community yeshivah, held an extravagant evening of celebration at the culmination of their Alumni Shas Project. Over the past year, rabbis and alumni joined together in learning and completing the entire shas, climaxing in this remarkable siyum event. The evening drew hundreds of alumni together for an unforgettable experience. Many distinguished rebbeim flew in from Israel to participate in the siyum, including the menahel Rabbi Yaakov Maimon, Rabbi Avrohom Klein, Rabbi Yoel Goodman, Rabbi Yirmiyahu Cohen, Rabbi Yitzhak Erani, and Rabbi Yaakov Mizrahi.

At a little after 8:00pm, doors opened to the grand ballroom of Congregation Ohel Simha, Park Ave Shul, where attendees enjoyed a lavish dinner put together by Hayat Caterers. The Master of Ceremonies, Rabbi Raymond Azrak, kicked off the evening with the siyum from their esteemed Rosh Hayeshiva, Rabbi Haim Benoliel, shlit”a. Immediately following the siyum the room erupted into lively dancing led by Nechamia Katz. Other speakers included Rabbi David Ozeri, Rabbi of the Avenue J Torah Center, Rabbi Gabriel Abbo, Rosh Yeshiva in Panama, Morris Betesh, the Shas Project Coordinator, and Isaac Hidary the event chairman, all of whom are proud alumni of Mikdash Melech. Many of the speakers touched on the power of limud torah and the great gratitude they owe to the Rabbis of Mikdash Melech Jerusalem for giving them the sweetness of Torah learning. Rabbi Avrohom Klein closed the program by starting shas over again with the learning of the first Mishna in Masechet Berachot.

This siyum ha’shas served as a global connection, for all yeshivah alumni to unite as one. The energy in the air was electric and thehizuk all of the boys felt was tremendous. The event was livestreamed on the yeshivah’s website and viewed by hundreds of people from around the world, including residents of Panama, Israel, Gibraltar, England, Canada, and more. The Alumni Shas Project certainly marks a milestone in the history of Mikdash Melech Jerusalem, a yeshivah with 1,500 alumni and 27 years of Torah excellence behind them. Now, they cast their eyes to the future, towards next year’s siyum!