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3rd Annual Yeshivat
Mikdash Melech
Volleyball Tournament

On Aug 21st, 2016, over seventy athletes participated in the third annual Yeshivat Mikdash Melech Volleyball Tournament held at the home of Steven and Simmy Balasiano. The volleyball tournament is a very competitive and electrifying contest; teams practice and train throughout the year to sharpen their skills for it. As the day began, players couldn’t help but remember the outcomes of the previous two years. In the first annual tournament, The Massry team took the competition by storm, as they dominated with their graceful teamwork and unmatchable willpower. In year two, Eli Levy led the way, as he overpowered the opposition with his stellar net play. The Haddad team had lost in the finals for two consecutive years and was hoping they could redeem themselves in year three.

The Haddad team, led by Captain David Haddad SR. and Coach Elliot Haddad, got off to great start as all four players came in with new dominant serves. The Haddad team captured first seed for the second consecutive year and made the playoffs along withTeam Levy, Team Stavrach, and Team Massry. After enjoying delicious barbeque, The Haddads advanced to the finals once again, as they beat the former champions, Team Massry. The other contender for the winning trophy was Team Stavrach, who impressively beat Team Levy in a nail-biter.

Team Stavrach and Team Haddad faced off in the championship game. Team Stavrach got off to a great start, but the Haddads exhibited excellent chemistry and teamwork as they set up last year’s MVP, Joey Haddad, to spike at net.The lead was traded back and forth a few times, but Team Haddad prevailed, winning the annual Mikdash Melech Volleyball Tournament 21-12. We would like to wish a full recovery to Elliot and Joey, who sustained severe shoulder and finger injuries, respectively. Feel better!

Seeing former Mikdash Melech alumni and having the opportunity to rekindle relationships with old roommates and Rabbis was truly exciting. We are all looking forward to playing again in next year’s tournament and would like to extend a special thank you to Abie Shalom, Isaac Hidary, Davey Haber, and Jack Zayat for putting everything together.

Beware of “The Package Thief”

A community man has captured on video the theft of packages from the doorsteps of Brooklyn residents. Be on the lookout for a gray Chrysler minivan with the license plate D15-205. In the video, the thief is wearing a gray baseball cap, navy t-shirt, camo shorts, and sunglasses. If you spot this man, please report him to your local authorities. To prevent theft from occurring, post a notice asking deliverymen not to leave packages without a signature.

Chai4ever’s Traveling Camp
Has a Joyous Beginning

Everybody knows how vital summer vacation is to a child’s development –but what about children with a seriously ill parent? They, more than anyone, need time out from the constant fear disease brings, and the chance to fill their reserves with strength and spirit for the challenges ahead. Unfortunately, their parents may be the least able to make appropriate summer arrangements, with their financial and emotional resources depleted by illness.

That’s why Chai4ever invented Camp4ever! – a unique traveling experience exclusively for Chai4ever kids, where they can feel secure inthe companionship of others who share their reality. “Companionship with other kids who really understand their situation is so vital,” Executive Vice President and Founder Rabbi Shmuel Zaks insists. With a 1:1 counselor to camper ratio, the specially trained staff will form long lasting relationships.

It all began, with a gala sendoff in Lakewood. Met at the door by a huge group of singing and dancing counselors, campers and their families were escorted to the banquet hall. A lavish buffet had something for every palate. Live music and a DJ (talented counselors, all!) kept the atmosphere lively. The event culminated in Camp4ever!’s original theme songs, “This is my Chai Song” and “DTP.” Elation abounded as the campers and counselors piled into comfortable coach buses to begin their trip.

At the first stop in Passaic, Camp4ever! surprised Binyomin Novak at his bar mitzvah celebration. “We felt it was completely in the spirit of Camp4ever! to make sure that Binyomin’s bar mitzvah was as joyous an occasion as possible, and of course we didn’t want Binyomin and his brothers to miss the beginning of camp,” Rabbi Zaks said. The hundreds of Camp4ever! campers and staff burst in to elevate the party with joyful singing and dancing, bringing Mrs. Novak to tears of happiness. “Only Chai4ever can take a difficult situation and turn it into such an amazing event!” she said in her speech, thanking Chai4ever for the surprise. With everybody’s spirits soaring high, and a now-full roster of campers – including Binyomin and his brothers – Camp4ever! departed for further adventures in Virginia, the Carolinas, and beyond!

Lyrics to “This is My Chai Song”

This is my Chai song / Forever fight song / It’ll be alright song,

The power’s in me / To be the best I can be / See I can achieve

I know that they care and help me to believe /

’Cause I still got that Chai Power in me!

Councilman Chaim
Deutsch’s Senior
Scam Education Bill
Becomes Law

Councilmember Chaim Deutsch’s Senior Scam Education bill passed unanimously through City Council and was signed into law on August 31st.

Last month, Deutsch received a phone call at his office from a 75 year-old man. Someone had called the man, and told him he won $2 million in the lottery, but in order to claim the prize he would have to send $11,000. The man borrowed money from family and friends to get his $2 million. By the time he realized he’d been scammed, it was too late.

These scams come in different forms. Another method is for the scammer to impersonate an IRS official, and claim the person owes an exorbitant amount of money, but if they pay a smaller amount, there won’t be any penalties.

“People who are trying to make ends meet, or maybe they do have some savings, they fallprey to these scams,” said Deutsch. “If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is.”

Older adults make up 30 percent of scam victims, and are more vulnerable than others, according to a press release from Deutsch’s office. There are scams designed specifically for senior citizens, such as the “fake grandchild scheme,” in which a scammer will call a senior citizen and tell them they’re holding their grandchild hostage. Many people send the ransom money without question, out of fear and love for their grandchild, says Deutsch.

According to Deutsch, these scams come mostly from out of the country, making them impossible to track. This bill mandate the Department of Consumer Affairs to educate seniors through outreach in senior centers, and retirement communities.

“It’s going to educate older adults on how to be cautious and take preventative measures,” said Deutsch. “It’s also important to teach people how to report incidents, and who to call.”

NYC Councilman David Greenfield Wants Cops Directing Traffic on Ocean Parkway

New York City Councilman David Greenfield has sent a letter to Department of Transportation and NYPD officials asking for traffic officers to direct traffic along Ocean Parkway, in an effort to mitigate traffic and safety concerns that have arisen as a result of ongoing construction and road repair projects.

“I have received numerous calls to my office from constituents regarding the construction on Ocean Parkway that is leading to unsafe conditions on the road for drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians,” Greenfield said. “It is clear that we need to have traffic officers directing traffic in this area while construction is going on to keep our residents safe.”

The construction currently taking place on Ocean Parkway is part of a state-run safetyimprovement program. New traffic lights, countdown signals, safer pedestrian crossings, and no-left-turn signs will be added to several intersections along the highway. As a result of the construction required to complete the project, however, many of thearea’s busiest pedestrian crossings have been blocked off, and normal traffic patterns have changed – resulting in heavy congestion on the road and forcing pedestrians and bicyclists to take less safe routes to their destinations.

“The work on Ocean Parkway is going to create a safer neighborhood, but we need to make sure we’re not putting people’s lives at risk while that work is done,” Greenfield said. “That’s why I’ve asked Commissioners Trottenberg and NYPD Chief of Transportation Thomas Mann to temporarily assign cops to direct traffic to the affected areas.”

Construction is expected to be completed by Summer 2017.

Klein’s Platinum Line Is Revolutionizing The Kosher Ice Cream Market

Klein’s ice cream is the gold standard in kosher ice cream, and Klein’s Platinum line is the gold standard in Klein’s extensive line. In the short time since it hit the freezer shelves, it has been making a statement and totally revolutionizing the kosher ice cream market.

Klein’s launched their Platinum line last summer in honor of their 60thanniversary, beginning with two delectable flavors: Vanilla and Caramel fudge, both topped with quality milk chocolate. In the Klein’s tradition of constantly developing and rolling out new, innovative products, a brand-new flavor has just been unveiled for 2016: Triple Chocolate.

Klein’s Platinum Triple Chocolate is almost too good to accurately describe on paper. Close your eyes and imagine…

Imagine Klein’s, imagine platinum, imagine chocolate, and now multiply that yumminess by three!

Is your mouth watering yet? Well, that is exactly what this new treat will do to you. Your taste buds will be mesmerized, your palate will be enthralled, and you will most definitely will never think of kosher ice cream the same way again.

As with all Klein’s products, the Platinum Bar is bursting with six decades of tradition, six decades of flavor, and six decades of unparalleled expertise.
Klein’s knows how to make ice cream and the new Platinum Triple Chocolate bar is ashining testament to this.