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By: Marie Torgueman

Now that the holidays are over, it's the perfect time to organize and store all of your holiday supplies. If you take the time now, preparing your home for future holidays will be a breeze. Imagine how convenient it will be to have all of your holiday items in one place. You'll save time and the money you would have spent to shop for items you already have stowed away. You'll also free up plenty of space around your home, because these items won’t be stored all year round in prime storage areas, such as your kitchen cabinets. Use these simple guidelines to get started!

Step 1:Collect all holiday-related items from around your home. These include decor, serving pieces, cooking and baking supplies, and religious articles.

 Step 2:Separate everything and categorize by holiday.

Step 3: Choose one designated area that's out of the way, where you can store everything. Consider it a 'holiday storage area'.

Step 4:Measure your storage space and purchase clear, heavy plastic bins that stack and have lids in the correct sizes. Use more than one bin for each holiday if needed.

Step 5:Label each bin with the name of the holiday that the stored items are for.

Main Holiday Related Items to Store Away

Rosh Hashanah: Table setting decor, honey bowl, shofar, and Holiday cards.

Sukkot:Sukkah decorations, outdoor table settings, kids' artwork, and Sukkah electrical cords.

Hanukah: Baking supplies, menorahs, candles and oil, party supplies, dreidels, and kids' artwork.

Purim: Costumes, mishloah manot baskets, wrapping supplies, delivery lists, labels, and party supplies.

Passover: Haggadot, Seder plates, holiday wine cups, Passover cookbooks, kitchen supplies, and kids' artwork. 


Happy Organizing!!