Taking Care of Hashem’s Children Bnei Melachim Provides Much-Needed Support for Widows and Orphans

Past Articles:

Flatbush Shomrim

I would like to express my compliments to Kelly Jemal Massry for her marvelous article on the Flatbush Shomrim (Criminals Beware). It was wonderful to read about the outstanding volunteers who provide such an important service for our entire community. We are very fortunate to have so many dedicated and caring community members involved with the Flatbush Shomrim. To echo what Mrs. Massry wrote in the article - we are thankful for their service during these dangerous times.

Morris B.  

Germ Phobia

I’m an avid follower of your Jido column, but last month I believe Jido went a bit overboard with his advice to ‘Germ-ee’ in regards to the so-called “dangers” of double dipping at the shul’s seuda shelisheet table.

As long as a person is not salivating all over the double-dipped item, it is really not such a big deal. It is very unlikely that anyone at Germ-ee’s synagogue is suffering from a highly contagious disease. And if that was the case, he should be more concerned about the wet hands on bathroom doorknobs than about the double dips at the seuda table. If you think about it, breaking the chip into smaller pieces demands handling the surface of the chip and the bacteria on a person’s hands is likely more dangerous than double dipping. Even if there is something going around, the exposure of a double dip can actually be beneficial, as it will help build up the immune system and enable the body to start building anti-bodies against these types of germs.

My advice to ‘Germ-ee’ is to let the double dipping slide. After all, if it was really so dangerous, congregants throughout the nation would be sick on a weekly basis - now wouldn’t they?

Barry M.

Woman to Woman

It was an honor and privilege to be the focus of last month’s "Woman to Woman" article.  As with any interview, it is not possible to include all that was discussed. I just felt it necessary to make sure that my amazing husband Ikey (of 18 years) and my three wonderful children, Jack, Ruthie, and David are all recognized for their love and support. Without them, I would not be where I am today. I thank Hashem every day for my amazing family. 

Carly Mavorah
Magen David Yeshivah
General Studies Assistant Principal
Grades 1-4

Community MD

The topic of last month’s Community MD column was hCG and weight loss. Dr. Jacques Doueck did a nice job, as he usually does, in his interview with Dr. Ralph Madeb. I’m writing to attest to the fact that, from my own personal experience, hCG is safe and does not cause any negative side effects.

Like most people, I have always hated the word “diet.” To me, it translates to a person’s inability to keep himself under control. To go on a diet means sacrificing everything you like to eat and waiting a long time to see any real results.

I tried the hCG program and the results were fast and substantial. I was able to lose over thirty pounds in just about five weeks (just like Dr. Madeb relayed in the article). I couldn’t be happier with the way I look and feel.

Isaac T.

Fun Recipes

My favorite features in the magazine are the recipe columns. Both of last month’s recipes, the lamb cinnamon sticks and the peanut butter flower chews, were awesome. I found them easy, tasty, and so much fun to make.  Thank you so much for always sharing such creative recipes!

Karen S.