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By: Miriam Sasson

Forget About….

Pulling eggs out of the fridge and cracking them straight into your mixing bowl. Before you begin baking, your ingredients should be left out to warm up a bit. “Room temperature” to “warm” is the ideal temperature for your scrumptious desserts. So, in the future, take out all the ingredients you need before getting started on your baking projects. And while we’re on the subject, keep in mind that when sautéing cold is also not cool, as your food will likely stick to the pan. On the flipside, ingredients for pastry dessertsare actually better off cold. Go figure!

Go for it!

Rye bread: it’s wholesome and flavorful and makes an awesome deli sandwich. When purchasing it, though, look out for impostors! Although rye bread look-alikes say “rye bread” on the packaging, they’re actually full of white flour and only minute amounts of rye flour. Don’t settle for less! Go for the highest quality rye bread, which will always contain whole rye flour. In general, when purchasing good, old white bread, make sure “unbleached flour” is in the ingredients list rather than “white flour” or, simply, “flour.”

By the Number


The approximate amount of Oreo Cookies sold around the world

That’s upward of a half-trillion of cookies sold in over 100 countries around the world! The Oreo Cookie is the top selling  cookie in the United States, and its slogan, “Milk’s Favorite Cookie,” is completely apropos. First sold on March 6, 1912, the cookies are 104 years old and were produced by Nabisco – hence the classic Nabisco logo on every cookie. (Interestingly, Nabisco is a shortened version of its original name, National Biscuit Company.) So whether you enjoy your Oreo sandwich cookies whole or pulled apart, remember while eating them  that you’re in the good company of hundreds of others!

Item of the Month

If you’re still searching for a smooth cleanup option when prepping soups, vegetable dishes, or any foods that comes with peels, pits, skin, and the like, this may be your lucky break! Approximately 9x5 inches, this over-the-cabinet contraption produced by Lookatool will anchor your garbage or shopping bag to a standard cabinet or drawer for easy cleanup. No more transferring mountains of potato peels across your kitchen to the garbage can. No more dragging your garbage bin to the counter and sliding all of your trash toward the thing only to miss. Under $5.00, this will become the best piece of plastic you’ve ever possessed.

Q & A

How can I get breadcrumb coating to actually stick onto my chicken? A lot comes off by the time I put it on the table…

If you’re coating chicken, fish, or vegetables and want those crumbs to stay put,here are some tried and true tips:

·         Be sure the food you are breading is completely dry.

·         Be sure that you are sufficiently coating your food with oil or egg.

·         If coating with egg, do so with a light touch and be sure not to overbeat them.

·         Eggs should be left at room temperature.

Food for Thought

Up for a little bagel history? Bagels, first mentioned in the 1600s, were originated in Polish Jewish communities. The word “bagel” is itself derived from the Yiddish/German word for “ring” or “bracelet.” They were introduced in the United States by Polish Jewish immigrants and became popular in the 1900s, particularly in New York City. In 1958, bagels became a mass-produced item and were also manufactured by Harry and Murray Lender as a frozen supermarket product.


 (Source: 10,001 Food Facts, Chefs' Secrets & Household Hints by Dr. Myles H. Bader)