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By: Miriam Sasson

forget about it

You can forget about checking or separating an egg by passing the yolk back and forth within the two eggshell fragments. The shell may be contaminated with bacteria, a definite danger to your health. To separate eggs, poke them and allow the white to drain. Or, if you’re feeling really original, you can separate your eggs by allowing the whites to pass through a funnel into a clear glass. How’s that for a more hygienic option?

Long live your yeast! In the fridge, that is.

All Shaatra challah bakers can relate to the frustration of working with dough containing faulty yeast. Storing your yeast in the fridge, or even freezer will increase its viability because the low temperatures will slow down its destructive metabolic process. When the yeast is ready for use, warm it up to room temperature once more for optimal rising capabilities. Naturally, the same goes for defrosting any dough containing yeast; allow it to thaw completely for the best results.

spotlight on: dried fruit

Raisins, craisins, apricots, and dates. Dried fruit – even sans refined sugar – rivals the sweetest confections of your local supermarket’s candy aisle. Although the Vitamin C in the fruit becomes lost in the drying process, most of the other healthy components are retained.

How long can you expect your dried fruit to hold out? Experts say six months if the chewy stuff is stored in an airtight container, and up to a year if it’s stored in a cool, dry place – namely, your fridge.

Why do my cakes tend to come out lumpy? I’m following the instructions on the recipe exactly!

While you may be doing everything right, your cake pan may be to blame for your cakes emerging with a bumpy surface. Factors like the pan’s volume relative to the amount of batter within it will influence that dessert of yours. Therefore, you want to be sure that the height of your cake pan (or aluminum tin) is the size of the finished product. Too high, and the pan will act as a fortress, shielding the batter from the energy and heat it needs to become cake. Too low and gravity will do its thing, leaving you with a horrifying mess on the floor of your oven.

You purchased a frying pan that seemed sturdy and tough when you bought it, only to watch it become limp and worn out in no time. Warped skillets are not merely unattractive, they negatively impact the

foods you are frying. Why do pans become disfigured, you wonder? Blame it all on… sudden changes in temperature! People do not do well with changes of weather, and apparently, neither do pans. The thinner the pan, the more prone to warping it will be. Be kind to your frying pan and minimize any structural stress to it. It certainly pays to invest in frying pans of good quality to ensure their durability.