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By: Marie Torgueman

Whether you have a laundry room or a laundry closet, it’s important to keep this area neat and organized. These spaces can often become cramped and difficult to work in. If you follow these tips, though, doing the laundry won’t ever seem like a chore!

Keep your cleaning supplies in open-top storage bins for a more organized space. Designate each bin with its own cleaning purpose to make them easy to find. Assemble freestanding shelves or racks nearby; you can also install them on a wall above the laundry machine. Make sure to place these units at a height you'll be able to reach.

A small folding table can be used for folding clothes if you don't have room for a counter. Just stow it away when not in use.

Hang an ironing board on the wall or behind a door if there's no room to keep it out in the open. You can also buy a small tabletop ironing board to save space.

Try to do laundry regularly to avoid it accumulating, making the area overcrowded. Remember, keeping wet laundry out for too long can cause mildew and bad odors – so it’s best not to delay.

Another way to maximize space is to hang a shoe pocket organizer on a door or wall. This will allow you to store all sorts of items, such as single socks, sewing materials, lint brushes, spray bottles, and stain removing pens.

Keep a small trash can to dispose of lint after cleaning the dryer filter. If you don’t have floor space, consider hanging a cute bag or a small mailbox on the wall.

If you have the space, create cubbies or shelves for storing laundry baskets. They're great for sorting laundry by color. I recommend using smaller baskets so that each person's clean laundry can be kept separate. Label each basket with the person’s name so their clothes will be easy to put away. If storage space is limited, buy collapsible baskets and sorters. If you’d rather not sort at all, adding vinegar to each load will prevent the colors from bleeding.

Laundry detergent can be poured into clear jars or beverage dispensers to avoid the heavy lifting of bulky containers. Keep laundry pods in wide-mouth jars, but out of the reach of children because they can be mistaken for candy.

Create a hang drying area. Simply, install a retractable clothesline, a clothing rod or even an over-the-door hanging rod – whatever works best in your space. Hanging old crib rails or springs are a clever way to create drying racks. Keep some good quality hangers on hand that won't ruin the shape of your clothing as they hang dry.

Install a broom and mop holder to keep those pesky sticks from falling everywhere!

Print out and hang a laundry guide in full view so you’ll have no trouble decoding the symbols on your care labels.

Decorate your space! Paint the walls and doors with bright, fun colors or patterns and hang pictures to enhance your work area.

Marie Torgueman is a Professional Organizer and the owner of Hangers Plus. If you would like more information or need professional organizing services, call 917-797-3057.