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Past Articles:

Saying Goodbye to Shimon Peres

For the most part, I did not agree with the policies of Shimon Peres nor his way of thinking. I did however have a great deal of respect for the man.  Obviously no one is perfect, and upon one’s passing we recall their good traits and deeds, not their failings. Shimon Peres undoubtedly served the State of Israel with the best intentions, but along the way took actions which most Israelis understand today to have been a grave mistake with tragic repercussions (Oslo agreement, for example). He had a vision which was so obstinate, it disregarded facts on the ground. He meant well, no doubt. And in the end it is all in Hashem’s hands.

I learned from the Hafetz Haim’s blessing of Shimon Peres that though leaving Torah behind is tragic, nonetheless every Jew can still have great value and be a great contributor to Am Yisrael.

Kudos to Community for writing an article free of slanderous content giving respect to an Israeli leader who was obviously blessed with many qualities most notably the industriousness of a twenty-year-old into his nineties. May his memory be blessed.

Stevie K.

The Shidduch Process

Last month’s article about the Shidduch process raised some very good points. As the parent of an “older” single, I can testify on some of the flaws in the current system. I would like to make a suggestion that was not included in the article. It would be nice if everyone could pick one single friend and make it a priority to set him or her up. Not just once, but ongoing until they are married. Then pick another friend to work on. I’m speaking from experience. So many singles (boys and girls) we hosted and yet not one ever called to invite my child over once they were married. How few of them tried to fix their single friend up after she didn’t go for the first boy they suggested. I know they are busy, but they don’t appreciate how fortunate they have been to marry young and how much pain their friends are in.

M. C.

Germ-ee Solution

In regard to the letter to Jido from Germ-ee (October 2016 Issue) describing the unsanitary habits some people do by double dipping during the Shabbat seudah shelisheet, may I recommend the following, as I have used it and it has worked. First, ask the one who prepares the table to make sure there is a fork or a spoon in every food dish and to place extra utensils on the table in case he forgets. Since I belong to a smallish minyan I simply make a general announcement before we partake of the meal that we should all abide by the sanitary code and not double dip. I am sure you can do the same in a larger minyan. After a few Shabbats have passed they should get the message as they have in my minyan and I no longer have to make any announcements. My son has done the same in his Shabbat minyan and it also has worked. Healthy eating!

Jake A

Positive Parenting

I’m an avid follower of Tammy Sassoon’s column, Positive Parenting. I have been implementing the techniques posted in her column since the very beginning, and all I can say is – WOW – what a difference it has made!  In a short period of time, I now have children that not only do what is asked of them, but enjoy doing it in a positive manner. My husband and I cannot thank you enough. Keep up the great work!

Alyssa L.


In last month’s cover story about Bnei Melachim (Taking Care of Hashem’s Children) the wrong zip code was given for donation submissions. The Correct address is: 
Bnei Melachim Inc. 1123 Avenue N  Brooklyn, NY 11230.