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By: Marie Torgueman

If you’re like me, you don’t enjoy packing for a trip. Figuring out how to get everything to fit compactly into a suitcase, keeping it within the airline’s weight limits, and hoping nothing gets ruined inside has always been somewhat of a challenge. With that being said, I do believe I’ve pretty much mastered the task. Use these
tips for a well-packed suitcase:

The first thing I do before packing a suitcase is stock up on plastic dry cleaning bags, Ziplock bags, and compression “space” bags. I pack all clothing between the dry cleaning bags to ensure nothing gets wrinkled. Ziplock bags keep everything secure and compression bags save tons of space.

Pack shoes first at the bottom of the suitcase. Roll belts and socks into the shoes to save space.
Pack shoes in either dust bags or shower caps to keep the heels from touching your clothing.

Roll or fold heavier clothing,
such as jeans and sweaters.
Keep rolls tight to save space and prevent wrinkles. Pack your sweaters in compression bags as another means of saving space.

Pack folded undergarments inside handbags. You’ll save space and the bag will keep its shape too.

Pack lighter clothing on top of heavier items. You can fold or roll. I like to fold as little as possible and separate clothing between dry cleaning plastic so that everything stays completely wrinkle-free.

Turn suit jackets inside out before placing them inside a dry cleaning plastic bag. Place them on the top layer with the dress shirts. Roll belts inside shirt collars to maintain their shape.

Place toiletries in Ziplock bags or toiletry bags. Never fill bottled liquids to the top because the reduced air pressure can cause the liquids to expand and overflow. Place plastic wrap under the bottle caps to prevent spills and leaks.

Pour small amounts of lotion or cream into empty contact lens cases to save space.

Pack small earrings, rings, and cuff links in pill cases with compartments. Stud earrings can be fastened into button holes before packing them to ensure they don’t get lost.

Place necklaces in between two sheets of ‘Press and Seal’ plastic wrap to prevent tangling.

Chargers and cords can be
stored in a soft glasses case or
a Ziplock bag.

Pack a lightweight, collapsible mesh laundry bag to collect and keep dirty clothes together while away. Bring a compressor “space” bag and a few dryer sheets in which to pack all the dirty laundry for your return. This way it won’t take up too much space and the odor won’t ruin everything else.

Make a check list of the items you’re packing and keep it in your suitcase with all of the plastic bags to use again for your next trip.


Marie Torgueman is a Professional Organizer and the owner of Hangers Plus. If you would like more information or need professional organizing services, call 917-797-3057.