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President-elect Donald Trump

I agree with the message of last month’s cover story; I think that Trump will be a great president – especially for the Jews. Donald Trump speaks a language I understand and appreciate – one of strength. He believes in being supportive of our allies and NOT rewarding those nations that would do us and our allies harm! Once Trump places conservative judges on the Supreme Court, the Court will rule justly once again. What’s more, we now have a chance to receive vouchers rather than paying through the nose for our children’s yeshiva educations.

Mark  C.

Your attempt to rationalize the election of a demagogue is devoid of the ethical, moral, and spiritual foundation of what the Jewish People believe and what Torah teaches us. A “wait and see” position is not an option in this case.

 In our history, Jewish People have never, ever been safe under a political  or religious leader or administration that encourages and owes its existence to promoting hatred, racism, misogyny and fear of “the Other”, that claims falsely the election is rigged before it takes place…that after the election, claims  millions of people voted illegally and threatens to not accept the results “unless I win” and to jail the opponent…that does not  forcefully repudiate and condemn acts of anti-Semitism and racism against other minorities…that encourages violence of supporters against opponents and the Press…I could go on, but there’s no point in doing so.

 Of particular concern to Jewish people  is the threat of mass deportation and restricting immigration…look no further than President Coolidge and the Immigration Act of 1924…specifically targeted against Eastern Europeans and Asians…based on the theory of Eugenics….you know, racial purity…Coolidge’s slogan was “Keep America American”…oh, I forgot, this Law was actually used as justification by Hitler…read about it in Mein Kamph….how many Jews could have been saved during the War if it were not for this law?... 

Richard L.

 Thank you for covering Donald Trump becoming the
President-elect. He was also just named Time Magazine’s Person of The Year. Trump is already changing attitudes in the United States; it seems to me, people are more hopeful and more careful in their actions. I believe he will manage and take down the
anti-American and terrorist groups, grow our economy, and create more jobs. Furthermore, he will give money to our Yeshivot and Israel. So, I’m very happy he was elected president. Within the next four years, I want to see more police on the streets, more jobs across the board, and changes that only Donald Trump can make.

Raquel B.

I am appalled by Trump’s election. I am distraught that the people I share America with welcome the racist and sexist views he has espoused. He will be a fuse ripe to explode in his relations with countries whose policies he disagrees with. His admiration of Putin betrays any respect for an open society. His proclaimed “love for Israel”buys him no grace in my eyes.

                                      Ronald K.

Moms On A Mitzvah

Last month’s article about the Shabbat Project / Moms On A Mitzvah Challah Bake was beautifully written. Due to space constraints, however, we were not able to thank all the amazing ladies that helped out! Special thanks to Maggie Bawabeh, Jennifer Tawil, Golda Bekhar, Miriam Shammah, Elyse Tebeli, Rachel Safdieh, Malky Zangi, Shelly Hidraye, Mary Setton, Rena Ishay, Pamela Massri, Maggie Sagiv, Vee Dayan, Fortune Mizrahi, Lily Ovadia, Kayrobin Ashkenazi, Tina Imani photography, Margo Levy, Mr. Esses (for the butcher paper!!) Wonder Bar / Kitchen Project, Blosseum Bleu, Wishing Well, Cured Olives by Leslie Chera, Sephardic Specialties, Eileen’s Treats, Floral Fantasies, St Cuisine, and Baked by Bibi’s. Also, a big thanks to Esther J. Safdieh for her amazing graphic design, Ouris, and the SCC for all their help especially Sari Setton and Norman Mandel for their professionalism and patience!

Linda S.


An incorrect bio of Dr. Henry Hasson was given in last month’s Community MD column. The correct bio is: Dr. Henry Hasson, MD is a Child Neurologist in Brooklyn, NY. He is board certified in Neurology with special qualifications in child neurology by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN). He is also board certified in Clinical Neurophysiology.