When It’s Our Turn to Take Care of Them The unique challenges of caring for our community’s seniors

Past Articles:

Car Accident Occurs After Ocean Parkway Traffic Changes, Infuriating Assemblyman Dov Hikind

Assemblyman Dov Hikind continues to criticize the New York State Department of Transportation for the chaotic traffic changes they have recently implemented. A car collision occurred on January 11 at Avenue P and Ocean Parkway just days
after the changes took effect.

One motorist was driving southbound toward Belt Parkway as the other driver was attempting to cross Avenue P eastbound toward Coney Island Avenue. The two cars collided, with each driver thinking he had a green light and the right of way.

“What a nightmare,” Assemblyman Hikind exclaimed. “The New York State Department of Transportation promised us safety, but these changes have created a more dangerous Ocean Parkway.” Hikind said.

Hikind’s office has been inundated with complaints from other motorists, who have noted the chaos and the dangers that have ensued.

We urge our readers to drive safely and continue to protest the changes that have transformed Ocean Parkway.

Bnot Rachel High School Experiences
a New Level
of Hanukah Fun

Bnot Rachel High School’s Hanukah Hagigaredefined the meaning of the world “fun.” This year, instead of the typical Hagigawith music and dancing, the girls experienced something new.  The theme of the day was “Spread the Warmth” and that is exactly what they did!

After a festive luncheon in school complete with a “campfire” and s’mores, the girls were mesmerized by a class given by Mrs. Vered Goldstein.  Then it was time to board the buses to Yaldeinu.  The girls spent the afternoon with the Yaldeinu students running a
carnival, putting on a skit, singing, dancing, and doing an arts and crafts project with them.  Everyone had a great time and left with the sense of satisfaction andaccomplishment that comes from giving to others.

Papa Joe’s Snacks Launches At SBH

There’s nothing quite like seeing dozens of young volunteers unpack and organize thousands of donated school snacks for their less-fortunate peers. And thanks to the Papa Joe’s Snacks program, that beautiful mitzvah will happen every single month.

Now in its third cycle, Papa Joe’s Snacks is a monthly drive that encourages students to bring an extra snack to school on Rosh Hodesh. The snacks are promptly transported to the SBH Sarah Sutton, A”H, Food Pantry, where clients can pick up whatever they need to ensure their children have a snack to bring to school each day.

To date, over 10,000 school snacks have been collected through school drives, donations, and even a birthday party, where snacks were brought in lieu of gifts for the birthday girl. The program was started by Raquel Habert and her family in memory of her father, Joseph Maijor, A”H, andhas been a total success since the first drive in December.

Special thanks to the students at Magen David, Flatbush, Barkai, Shaare Torah, YDE, and Ilan for helping us kick off our first two drives, and to Orot Sarah and Ohel Torah for joining in on the mitzvahthis coming month!

The Community Unites for the Refuah
of Miriam Chaya Bat Bracha

Twenty-eight-year-old Miriam Chaya Bat Bracha had just given birth to her third child when her body went into distress, leaving her in a coma. The sudden catastrophe has shaken us all profoundly. Led by Moms On a Mitzvah, community members have done numerous good deeds for her refuah– joining daily Tehilimchats, attending berachotparties, praying wholeheartedly, and most recently attending Evenings of Unity in which various Rabbis gave hizukto those present.

“We want to bring people together and have them leave with kabalot– religious resolutions they make for her full recovery,” says Moms on a Mitzvah pioneer Linda Sadacka.

Linda first met Miriam Chaya Bat Bracha when the young mother joined her Moms On a Mitzvah team three years ago. Back then, she was Linda’s “right hand,” and now the Moms on a Mitzvah coalition has come together to support her. Miriam’s family believes that widespread spiritual change will be the catalyst that causes an improvement in her condition. As such, there has been a deluge of mitzvotperformed by others, since Miriam has fallen ill. “People making peace with one another would mean a lot to me, and I think it would shake the heavens,” said Miriam’s mother Barbara.

In that vein, the Moms on a Mitzvah organization formed the first Evening of Unity held at Kol Yaakov on McDonald Avenue in Brooklyn. Rabbi David Mansour spoke first then Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein gave a class on making peace ben adam le’habero – between man and his fellow Jew. The second Evening of Unity was heldjust one week later in Shaare Zion, with Rabbi Meyer Yedid and Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser as the speakers.

Though Miriam’s situation is critical, it is the family’s hope that the community’s focus on
self-improvement will bring upon a miracle.

To join one ofthe Whats App Chats for the recovery of Miriam Chaya Bat Bracha, email momsonamitzvah1@gmail.com.