When It’s Our Turn to Take Care of Them The unique challenges of caring for our community’s seniors

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By: Alyssa Eliza Elbogen

Living in New York City, with its flashing lights and nonstop action, can sometimes be exhausting. Okay, that’s an understatement. Living in New York City is often exhausting. 2017’s metropolis life is now much more stimulating than it was even just a generation ago.

Today, we are exposed to the lights of computers and smartphones to an extent we could never have dreamed of before.

Amidst a life full of digital screens and virtual worlds, it becomes more and more difficult to gain any grasp on reality. Nowadays we have become increasingly cut off from our roots. The sources of things have become lost, forgotten, even rebelled against.

We are taught that ‘A good deed leads to another good deed,’ and ‘A bad deed leads to another bad deed.’ Let’s examine what we’re doing, then – conditioning ourselves to constantly acclimatize to the innovations of our generation. It’s very exciting to be in the midst of a technological revolution, but we need to stay grounded. Where do these technological devices come from? How are they produced? What is their purpose? What should we do with them? What are we meant to do with them?

Screens, images, cultural ‘heroes…’ our attention is, at any given moment, being pulled in a thousand different directions and only we can choose what to attend to. Remember, that to which we give our attention, time and resources is that which we are empowering and supporting. The world we are helping to create is the one we and our descendants will have to live in. Life is not just a stage. Life is not just an act. Life is a broad canvas upon which we put our marks, however beautiful or ugly they are.

Cyclical Reality, including seasons, astronomy, and general patterns throughout miniscule and grandiose measurements of time, is an encouraging reminder that we do not live in a bubble. We are not isolated, no matter how alone we may feel. We are not lost in randomness, no matter how confused we may have become. We have the capacity to be influential beings. That being said, here are a couple of ideas I feel are important for us to remember:

We reap what we sow. We only feel as good and healthy as how well we eat, exercise, and treat ourselves. The roots of our cells are in the food that we renew our bodies with. What are we made of? What are we nourishing ourselves with? Pure, organic produce should be at the base of a healthy diet. Just as we are made mostly of water, so is the produce we eat. Access to high quality filtered water should also be a major consideration of every home.

The Earth is an enormous organism that is constantly fighting to cleanse itself and ‘stay afloat,’ just like us! The moment we stop polluting the atmosphere and use disposables is the moment we take a step towards sustainability for ourselves and future generations. When we start to accept that the plant world can be of help to us, we allow plants to have a healing effect and thus tap into their abundance. Let’s appreciate our planet for what it’s worth and make smart decisions regarding its care for the benefit of our loved ones.

Alyssa Eliza Elbogen is a certified Holistic Health Practitioner specializing in Detoxification. She holds a B.A. from U. Haifa in Jewish Thought and English Linguistics. Alyssa began her career in Israel organizing and teaching on
Detox Retreats. She currently works at Organic Circle in Brooklyn,
NY as a Resident Health Coach.