When It’s Our Turn to Take Care of Them The unique challenges of caring for our community’s seniors

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By: Miriam Sasson

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Nixing those spotted brown oranges in the fruit aisle of your grocery store. There’s nothing as tangy and refreshing as a winter orange done right. Contrary to popular belief, brown spots on the peel indicate a good quality orange. Oranges with a large navel are harbingers of sweetness. Brightness of color should not be the only thing prompting you to toss these citrusy fruits into your produce bag.

It’s 6pm. Your toddler’s screaming and you’ve just whipped up some dinner, but it’s burning hot. Now, you’re watching the minutes tick by until his supper cools off. The fastest way to achieve an edible temperature? Insert the bowl of hot food in cold water… and then sprinkle some salt upon it! Salt facilitates the lowering of temperature. To speed up the process for large portions of food, you’ll want to either place them into an “ice bath” or divide the contents into smaller portions. Be sure to employ these cooling methods before freezing food, as food should not be frozen until it cools down to 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

This amazing gadget will easily wow your company! The Cuisipro Scoop and Stack ice cream scoop transforms your frozen dessert in a most elegant manner by shaping it into small cylinders. For a truly magnificent display, use this scoop to stack ice cream into multiple layers, with a drizzle of your favorite dessert sauce on top. The ice cream scoop can be used to plate brownies and cookies, as well. Simply twist the device into your dessert, lift it, and drop it onto a cone, dish, or waffle.

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Sugar and Healing

You know it’s bad for you. You’ve read articles and studies and warnings and you’ve heard about the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad things sugar can do to your body. And yet, you still can’t resist just one more sugar-filled treat. I sympathize with you. Really.

However, allow me to tell you something that just may be the scale-tipper: Excessive consumption of sugar affects the body’s immune system, which prolongs the time necessary for an injury to heal. Typically, when the brain detects an injury, a militia of white blood cells get right to work removing debris from the site of the injury and initiating the healing process. When there is too much sugar in the bloodstream, though, those white blood cells take longer to reach the site of the injury, amounting to a slower healing rate.

How can I keep my salad from becoming soggy?

Is your salad lacking that satisfying crunch? When storing lettuce, be sure it is dry and tightly packed, as moisture and oxygen tend to spoil veggies more rapidly. A neat idea is to place an inverted bowl into a larger salad bowl to allow excess water to drain off those leafy greens, keeping them crisp and dry.