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By: Marie Torgueman

Opening your wardrobe to the sight of all your clothing neatly arranged and easily accessible produces a wonderful feeling. A packed wardrobe can be overwhelming and frustrating, hindering your ability to get dressed. After all, you can’t wear what you can’t see! Keeping these tips in mind will help you rediscover your wardrobe.

Make sure your closet has good lighting.

Use uniform hangers so everything hangs neatly.

Use shelf dividers to keep items from falling.

Don’t delay folding or hanging clothing after it has been worn or laundered.

Try not to place anything of importance inside very deep shelves that are
out of sight and difficult
to access.

Keep on hand only what’s in season, what’s in style, and what fits. Give away or store away everything else.

Keep everything
neatly folded and visible.

Be creative with accessories. Display scarves on towel bars or hangers.

Remove what you never wear to make room for what you do wear.

Color coordinate your clothing and shoes.

If using bins, make sure they’re transparent, or clearly labeled.

Use hanging rod dividers to separate and identify clothing by type, season
or purpose.

Happy Organizing!

Marie Torgueman is a Professional Organizer and the owner of Hangers Plus. If you would like more information or need professional organizing services, call 917-797-3057.